A fun race for cast members designed by cast members

The Walt Disney World Resort cast couldn’t be more excited about the return of Disney Be Well … Cast, Friends & Family 5K. This year’s face-to-face fun race is held on the morning of Walt’s birthday, Dec. 5, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park exclusively for the cast and his family and friends. While our 5K Cast has always been special to cast, this year is very special because it includes touches of the world’s most magical celebration to celebrate that our cast is the heart of magic!

Frankie Ortiz, a manager of guest entertainment experiences, is a big supporter of Disney Be Well and has even participated in every Cast 5K since the inaugural event in 2014. Simply put, he loves having events specially designed for distribution.

“These events are a lot of fun and in a trial-free zone,” Frankie shared. “It’s a good time with great people coming together for fun and fitness.”

Frankie is also excited to add a new medal to his collection. And while the design has yet to be fully revealed, we can share that it will have about 50th style for our cast members and their friends and family.

The Disney Be Well team that plans and organizes these events is looking forward to seeing the cast run through Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park on the morning of Walt’s birthday. These events give the group the opportunity to experience the parks in a whole new way, giving them the opportunity to meet other wellness enthusiasts and learn ways to improve their own health.

“Where else can you run around Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park listening to the park come to life or watching the sunrise over Cinderella Castle while you do yoga?” asked Lauren Klyczek, director of the wellness and communication program. “Disney has a way of bringing a little bit of magic to everything, including wellness.”

Lauren Klyczek

Another longtime Wellness team member and original developer of Cast 5K, Wellness director Susan Mickelson shared that it’s worth a try if you haven’t run before because they are truly magical. “These events bring a lot of joy to those who participate and often develop a passion they didn’t know they had.”

And, if running isn’t your speed, Disney Be Well hosts several events each year. The wellness team is constantly working to provide the latest and greatest health and wellness opportunities and resources to our cast members!

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