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Every week, our team goes shopping in the parks, and sometimes buys. We started seeing winter holiday items last week and now we can report that it’s all Christmas, all the time in Walt Disney World stores. Here’s a look at some of the merchandising products we’ve seen pop up over the past week.

Loungefly bag

It wouldn’t be a Disney event without a themed Loungefly bag. This year’s winter holiday version includes a sweet treat with a Disneyfied twist. That Mickey bar with a Santa hat stinks a lot! You will see below that this print also appears in a number of other items.

And on a semi-related note, I’m the last person on earth to realize that Loungefly is part of Funko, the people who make these ubiquitous vinyl collectibles from pop culture head fat. Who knew?

Spirit T-shirts

Spirit t-shirts are another staple of the season at Disney World. So far this year we have seen three versions, two variations of the candy pattern and classic characters enjoying the snow sports. I have to say the red with the Goofy cup is scaring me. It’s as if the straw of caramel stripes is sucking his brain. (Sorry, didn’t you want Halloween just a few days ago?)


I’m not normally a Crocs person, but this fleece-lined version looks very welcoming. They have an Uggs atmosphere, at a much lower price. They would be great for walking your dog on a cool winter morning. This Mickey Jibbitz with whipped cream is extra, very adorable. But wait: here’s Goofy again semi-beheaded, along with Chip & Dale with a similar scalp covered in marshmallows and steam. I am seduced and horrified at the same time.


This year’s Minnie ears feature a bright red bow adorned with flocked snowflakes centered between felt wreaths adorned with hidden Mickey ornaments. The ears are dear, but I’m more excited about the basic baseball cap adorned with a Santa Mickey. This cap is something I will wear outside the parks, which is a big win in my book.

Would any of these items have been incorporated into your purchased stack? Let us know in the comments.

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