Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea with attractions, dishes and much more unique!

Like the “Tokyo DisneySea 20th: Time to shine! ”The celebration continues, commemorating the park’s 20th anniversary, the cast members and guests enjoy spectacular attractions, dazzling entertainment and exclusive tastes.

Opened in 2001, Tokyo DisneySea is the first and only Disney theme park to celebrate the myths and legends of the sea. For the past 20 years, Tokyo DisneySea has taken guests on epic journeys of romance, adventure, discovery and fun, with unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.

To celebrate this special milestone, we wanted to take a look at some of the fans ’favorite experiences. Let’s dive in!

20,000 leagues under the sea at Tokyo DisneySea

Exciting attractions: From the Mediterranean port to Port Discovery, the Arabian coast to the mysterious island and everywhere, there are magical adventures to live in the park’s attractions!

Browse to find the greatest treasure of all The journey of Sinbad’s storybook. Join Sailor Sinbad and his faithful tiger cub Chandu for an epic journey, following “the compass of your heart,” with music from Disney legend Alan Menken.

At Journey to the center of the Earth, Captain Nemo has discovered an unknown world underground. As you board a unique underground vehicle, get ready for an adventure that not even the famous captain had ever seen before.

More at 20,000 leagues under the sea, you can board one of Captain Nemo’s submarines and join him in search of the ancient city of Atlantis, which is said to have sunk to the bottom of the ocean a long time ago.

Lovely entertainment: A visit is not complete without enjoying some of the star views and songs from the Tokyo DisneySea shows!

Enjoy swing jazz music, elegant scenery and fantastic performances from Disney friends at “Big Band Beat: A Special Deal!”
You can even see the same Mickey Mouse wrapped in battery!

In “Song of the Mirage *”, Mickey Mouse and his friends embark on an adventure to search the Rio Dorado, the legendary city of gold. With an original story and innovative effects, this exciting performance is a spectacle to behold!

Delicious snacks: It’s no secret that Tokyo DisneySea serves some of our guests ’favorite flavors. With popcorn with a special flavor and dishes to delight your palate, there’s plenty to try!

At Tokyo DisneySea, guests love to eat popcorn with a unique flavor, such as milk chocolate, curry, black pepper, garlic prawns and more! Not to mention the specially designed popcorn buckets that are sure to become your favorite memories!

Guests looking for more to enjoy can find delicious dishes in the park such as the Yucatan Sausage Roll, a spicy sausage wrapped in a tasty dough, Ukiwaman, a steamed Chinese bread stuffed with prawn paste and a special 20th birthday churro flavored with bright sugar.

Venetian gondolas, DisneySea Electric Railway and DisneySea Transit Steamer Line at Tokyo DisneySea

Charming transport: Throughout the park, guests can also experience a trip unlike any other with a transportation that celebrates the spirit and romance of travel both on the water and above the Tokyo DisneySea catwalks.

Take a tour of Palazzo Canals aboard the Venetian gondolas. This elegant trip organized by cheerful gondoliers is sure to delight!

Board a high electric cart for your trip to Port Discovery and watch the signs for a beautiful harbor as you travel to the Port. DisneySea Electric Railway.

On board the DisneySea Transit steam line, guests can enjoy a fun river adventure during the day, as well as a romantic evening trip while the sun sets over Tokyo DisneySea.

Representation of the new eighth theme port, Fantasy Springs, arriving at Tokyo DisneySea

Soon there will be even more to explore at Tokyo DisneySea with the creation of an eighth themed port, Fantasy Springs, themed in the worlds of “Frozen”, “Tangled” and “Peter Pan”. We can’t wait for these new adventures!

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are owned and operated by Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

* “Song of Mirage” is temporarily closed

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