PHOTOS: Disney World Christmas Tree Ride is back (with NEW additions)!

Not all holiday celebrations are held at the actual Disney World parks this year!

Disney Springs holiday decor

You can also find delicious treats, decorations, holiday products and fun activities at Disney Springs. And that’s where we’re headed today because a fan favorite activity has officially returned for the holiday season!

He Christmas Tree Walk BACK to Disney Springs, carrying SET new trees this year! Note that this year’s ride is similar to last year’s, where the the trees are distributed throughout Disney Springs instead of being all together in one area, you will explore the entire shopping and dining district on your hunt.

It’s time to walk through the trees!

Along with some old favorites, there are some new trees for Tim Burton’s Christmas Eve, Black Panther, Stripe and the last dragon, and more.

To participate in the walk, you will first want to pick up the Map of the Christmas tree walk, which has a list of all the trees and where to find them. You can get this free map from City Works Eatery & Pour House, Planet Hollywood, Under Armor, Amorette’s Patisserie, The BOATHOUSE and Basin.

Once you have the map in hand, it’s time to take a walk!

Walking map on the Christmas tree

If you walk into Disney Springs from the bus stop, the first tree you’ll find is the huge one Spider tree. It has beautiful lights hanging from the branches and a large golden garland hanging from it.

Spider tree

Under the covered commercial pavilion, you will see a Coco-Thematic tree which has been lined with marigolds.

Coconut tree

The tree also has images of the offerings (or family altars of the Day of the Dead) that you will see in this film.

Details about the coconut tree

Nearby is a dedicated tree Disney +, which has some ribbons hanging from the top that are covered in holiday movies.

Disney tree +

Outside, you can find trees dedicated to Disney princess movies like Moana

Moana tree

Beauty and the Beast

The beauty and the tree of the beast

… I The princess and the frog. This tree has a great Mardi Gras vibe, and here we are.

The princess and the frog tree

We have also seen in Frozen tree “But not the kind you might be thinking!” It was covered with themed decorations such as ice skates, carrot snowman noses and reindeer.

Frozen tree

One of the new trees is the Stripe and the last dragon tree, which has silhouettes of dragons …

Stripe and the last dragon tree

… and an impressive sword that protrudes.

Trees with a sword? It’s one thing!

Other Disney movies that have their own themed trees include History of toys

Toy Story tree

… I The Lion King.

Lion King tree

Also, one of the newest trees we found today is for all Marvel fans out there: it is a Black Panther tree!

Black panther tree

It has scenes from the movie decorating the branches …

Black panther tree decoration

… I a huge bright panther coming out the side. The lights around the panther are also bright purple.


There was a tree dedicated to the same icons, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Mickey and Minnie Tree

And we saw one for the little ones to enjoy: a Disney Tree Jr.!

Disney Tree Jr.

He also returned one of our favorite trees: the Themed tree of the enchanted mansion.

Enchanted mansion tree

This one has amazing details like the scary bride …


… And the floating chandeliers of attraction.

Too fresh.

We also saw the Disney Park Tree, which received a special makeover of the 50th anniversary of EARidescent for the occasion.

Disney Park Tree

The golden top and pastel colors make this tree a perfect combination for other 50s decor around the parks.

Very beautiful!

These trees (and more!) Are waiting for you at Disney Springs, so be sure to stop by and check them out when you visit. If you complete the entire walk by the Christmas tree, you will even receive a FREE pin as a prize (although they were not yet available when we visited). And, keep following AllEars for more updates on the Disney World holiday season!

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Are you a fan of the Christmas tree walk? Let us know in the comments.

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