See how you can get early access to the new Disney collectible!

He Disney Treasures from the Vault Collection has been releasing a (adorable) Disney stuffed animal every month of 2021 exclusively on Amazon.

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There are limited quantities of each stuffed animal made, so if you expect to grab one, you’ll want to act fast. We’ve seen Teddy Throws from Pooh, Pluto, Chip ‘n’ Dale and more! Now, we’ve taken a look at the November stuffed animal and have the inside advice for those who want to grab that stuffed animal right now.

The stuffed animal from November to The Disney treasures from the Vault collection is … Robin Hood and us HE CAN NOT handle how nice it is!

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Are you kidding? Look at this guy! He is fair Too adorable, and we have the detail of how you can put your hands on him before anyone else!

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From today, Friday, November 5, 2021, you can follow THIS link to page D23. There, you can get the Amazon link to buy this beautiful Robin Hood stuffed animal before it is released to the general public.

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You You MUST be logged in to your D23 account to access the link. Be sure to log in at the top right of page D23. Please note that this early access appears to be available to ALL D23 members, including general members (free of charge). Once you sign in and click on the Amazon link, you will be directed to the page to purchase the stuffed animal. It is currently priced at $ 29.99.

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The stuffed animal is 15.25 inches tall and includes a certificate of authenticity and a window, so you can keep Robin Hood in perfect condition for years to come. But of course, we will not judge you pulling it out of the box and winding it because COME: look at that smile!

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If you want to pick it up right now, be sure to check out page D23. Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news!

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Do you have any of the treasures from the Vault collection? Let us know in the comments!

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