The 16 best changes Walt Disney World has made in the last decade

Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as imagination remains in the world.” And the same goes for all Disney parks around the world, including Walt Disney World.

Disney World will always be changing and growing.

And only in the last decade, have we seen it Many changes are happening at Disney World. Much of this has improved the experiences of guests at the park making this experience more fun and comfortable (although recent changes seem to be lessening the magic for many people).

But what changes have been the best in the last 10 years? We asked the AllEars team: that’s what they said!

Mobile order

Mobile order It has certainly made our lives easier: we can now order lunch or dinner from anywhere in the park, choose the time we want to pick it up and pick it up and leave.

Mobile order sign at Disney World

We would certainly say that not having to queue to order food and being able to pick it up in its place has improved our lives. Sure, sometimes it’s a hassle, especially if everyone is ordering at the same time, but Mobile Order has been one of the best changes to get to Disney World.

You can now order MORE candy for mobile at Disneyland Resort!


Although Disney World stopped offering free MagicBands to guests in 2021, we still think they are one of the best updates we have seen in a long time. MagicBands make it so easy because they can do so many things – unlock the door to the hotel room, serve as a ticket to Disney World Park, and even act as payment for your purchases at the parks. Sure your phone can do the same now, but we prefer to use only the one-touch magic of the MagicBand.


But not only are they convenient, MagicBands are fun too. They have a variety of fun colors and designs; they will even become more interactive soon. And again, they are no longer free, but if you are a guest of the resort or the pass holder, you can often get some exclusive designs at a discount!

Selected guests can get a DISCOUNT on Disney World’s new 50th anniversary MagicBands

My Disney Experience app

We think the My experience at Disney The app has also been one of the best changes Disney World has seen. Now with MagicMobile, you can use the app to do everything a MagicBand can do In addition, you have access to everything in the parks in the palm of your hand.

Screenshot © Disney

The application allows you to check the waiting times and with The genius of Disney, you can even organize your itinerary and the priorities of your day in each park. With Disney Genie + and selections of individual attractions, you can pay an additional charge to access Lightning Lane to the attractions directly in the app. My Disney Experience also allows you to view restaurant menus and use Mobile Order. And you can jot down these boarding passes for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure with a touch of your finger.

The most confusing parts of Disney Genie are told

Mobile billing

When we started visiting Disney World a long time ago, we might have thought it would be nice to overlook the hotel entrance line (which can be long) and go straight to our room. We’re moving fast to this day, and that’s a reality with Disney World Mobile billing.

Avoid queues in the lobby and use the mobile check-in at hotels.

With the My Disney Experience app, you can check into your hotel without ever having to visit the hotel lobby:– you will receive a message when your room is ready, and then you can use your MagicBand or MagicMobile to unlock the door of your room. This is especially nice when you arrive at the resort later in the evening.

Hotel Classification Magic Kingdom Resort

Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom

We didn’t think we’d ever see the day alcohol would be served at Magic Kingdom, but one improvement we can recoup is the arrival of alcoholic beverages at table service restaurants.

Mimosa a Be Our Guest

Now you can enjoy a mignon fillet at Be Our Guest with a glass of red wine or have a fun themed cocktail at Skipper Canteen. And isn’t it beautiful?

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Let’s be honest: someone was really excited about one Avatar-themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the beginning? But then we saw that land, and Disney Imagineers created something that goes beyond the film – is one of the most beautiful lands of the resort.

It’s so beautiful!

And although we never realized we wanted to ride a banshee, we are now making long queues Step flight over and over again because it’s so much fun. Only Disney World could take a world created by a movie that people weren’t excited about and turn it into something tangible and real (as well as fun).

Which land will reign supreme? We’ve combined Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Pandora to let you decide!

Let’s be honest – we’ve all thought about it EPCOT I needed a little love and attention for a while, and while the whole building has been a shame in the park, EPCOT is starting to feel bright and new again.


Part of the transformation includes a beautiful new entrance, as well as three new attractions: Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Moana Water journey, i Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. We also have a new one Club Cool i flagship store as well as the Restaurant Space 220. And there is so much more on the way.

NEWS: Another part of the EPCOT transformation will debut soon!

Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land it was such a fun addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and added some new attractions to a park that needed more attractions. This was the beginning of seeing Hollywood Studios become less of a half-day park and more of a full-day park.

Toy Story Land

Perhaps Alien Swirling Saucers is not the most exciting trip on the planet, but Slinky Dog Dash is, and just adding it makes us happy that Toy Story Land exists. Also, it’s a lot of fun to walk around the area where we shrink to the size of a toy.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney World not only got Pandora and Toy Story Land, but also reached a third land, and brought a very, very distant galaxy to Hollywood studios. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge it’s an immersive land that lets you go straight to yours Star Wars adventure, and let’s be honest: we wanted to do it Star Wars fans FOREVER.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This is one of the best additions to Disney World so far, and we can’t imagine not going to Hollywood Studios for a Ronto Wrap before going to drink in good faith. Star Wars cellar. Also, you can try piloting the Millennium Falcon. I Rise of the Resistance it’s one of the most technologically advanced attractions Disney has ever created: what’s not to love?

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Disney Springs

Remember when Downtown Disney existed? It was okay, of course, but when Disney World turned that space into Disney Springs, we ended up with a huge shopping and dining complex that is almost like a theme park.

Disney Springs

Not only that, but Disney Springs is now home to some of the best restaurants in the world, many of which are owned by famous chefs. We would call this an update.

PHOTOS: Inside Edison’s masquerade dance at Disney Springs


Disney World has always stood out for providing great transportation for guests of the resort, and this includes the Skyliner, which began transporting Disney World guests over the world in the fall of 2019.


Skyliner connects Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts (at a single station on Generation Gap Bridge), Disney’s Riviera Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort (where the center connects the three lines). A new transportation option at Disney World is always a good thing!

This is what happens when the Skyliner is CLOSED at Disney World

Better control of the capacity of the park

We know the new Park Pass reservation that Disney World started using it after the reopening is controversial, but we don’t think guests who have been to the parks more days recently can complain about the park’s current capacity; it is much more comfortable than in the past.

I must have these park pass reservations before entering any park.

While the parks may still feel full, it’s usually not like before, and who doesn’t love the less crowded days at Disney World? Now that it looks like Park Pass reservations will be maintained, it looks like Disney World intends to better control the park’s capacity from now on and in the foreseeable future.

Modifying your Disney World Park Pass reservations is now much easier!

Disney World debuted New Fantasyland in 2012 as a new land based around Disney princesses. Not only did it come with new attractions, included Under the sea: the journey of the little mermaid i Seven dwarf mine train, but he also brought us the Castle of the Beast Beauty and the Beast where we could have dinner at Be our guest Restaurant.

Entrance to the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom

We have also succeeded Rapunzel Tower and the amazing Tangled-themed baths, along with Gaston’s Tavern.

Things behind the scenes that you never knew were happening at Walt Disney World

In 2015, Pattern dining room opened to the guests and allowed them to dine at one Jungle Cruise themed restaurant, with word games, fun Easter eggs and more.

Pattern dining room

And while some may think the restaurant theme is a trick, it’s also fun, and what really shines here is the adventurous and delicious food.

Walt Disney World Chronicles: The Origins of Skipper Canteen

Disney World does not often have new resorts, but a new value complex, Art of animation, opened in 2012. And differs from other Value Resorts with 3/4 of its themed sections are family suites that can accommodate up to six (plus a child under three in a cot).

Disney’s Art of Animation section Finding Nemo

He Disney themed animation rooms are based on The Little Mermaid, Cars, Looking for Nemo, i The Lion King, and families of all sizes love the exaggerated theme.

Secret details can only be found at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Speaking of hotels, one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts, the Polynesian, has recently made a complete makeover, with Moana– themed rooms. This hotel had not been updated in a long time and was pending renovation.

Moana Polynesian-inspired room

The new colors and theme are vibrant and bright, and everything looks so new.

PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort makeover has been completed!

So these are the best changes Disney World has made in the last 10 years. But we’ll be here for the next 10 years, and more, to keep covering all the updates, so stay tuned.

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What Disney World change from the last decade is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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