The ultimate list of Disney stocking stuffers for enchanted mansion fans!

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You are a great Enchanted mansion fan? Or maybe you have a friend or family member who is simply obsessed with the ghosts that inhabit this unique place?

The enchanted mansion

Well, with the holidays approaching, you may be wondering what to add to your list at Santa Claus or what to get another Haunted Mansion fan. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve taken a look at a few different sites online and compiled the LATEST list of stuffers that are perfect for the Haunted Mansion fan of your life. Prepare your phones or lists. Here we come:

Let’s start our set with the Haunted Mansion collection key. This collectible key is one that the Haunted Mansion fan of your life can hang, display, keep on your desktop, or otherwise add to your collection.

© shopDisney

It includes the Haunted Mansion logo, some Haunted Mansion wallpapers and the unique Madame Leota! You can take it for $ 12.99.

Get the key to the enchanted mansion here!

You can also grab one Haunted Mansion card wallet online, to keep all your cards safe; I wouldn’t want any ghost clothes!

© ️shopDisney

The wallet has designs with the Ghost Hat Box and more.

© ️shopDisney

It can be yours for $ 14.99!

Click here to get this spectacular wallet!

And while sinks traditionally open during the holidays (at a time when your Christmas tree is ready), a Ornament of the enchanted mansion it’s the kind of thing that can live in your home all year long.

© ️shopDisney

You can hang this glow in the dark ornament of the 3 ghosts hitchhiking from your tree or even get an ornament stand to display it year-round.

© ️shopDisney

The ornament is priced at $ 24.99.

Get the enchanted mansion ornament here!

If the Haunted Mansion fan in your life likes to read, there are many options, such as Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book ($ 5.99)

The Haunted Mansion Little Golden Book © Amazon

… The Disney Kingdoms graphic novel: Haunted Mansion ($ 15.67)

© ️Disney | Amazon

Book Tales of the Enchanted Mansion (this is volume I, but there are others in the series as well!) ($ 12.74) …

© ️Disney | Amazon

The enchanted mansion: imagining a Disney classic, from former Disney Imagineering senior showwriter Jason Surrell ($ 20.69) and more.

© ️Disney | Amazon

Some of these books will give you a look at the history of the mansion, the artwork and ideas behind its creation, and more of an inside look at the classic journey. Others are fiction books that expand on the story of some of the Mansion’s famous characters! Whether fictional or truth-based, the stories can be amazing to read for a deeper appreciation and appreciation for this amazing attraction.

Click here to see the enchanted mansion imagination book!

If you are looking for MORE Haunted Mansion treats, you can pick up some Haunted Mansion themed miniskirts! There is one with a design that includes Ghosts hitchhiking with a few touches of color in the background.

© ️BoxLunch

And on the back it says “Beware of ghosts hitchhiking.” But the truth is, if you are already buying this mini glass, it may be too late for you!

© ️BoxLunch

The price of the glass $ 6.90.

Click here to get this glass!

You can also get a glass with the Haunted Mansion logo on one side

© ️BoxLunch

… With some well-known words behind it. Come back soon!

© ️BoxLunch

The price of the glass $ 6.90.

Get this “Dearly Departed” mini glass here!

And finally, the last item on our list are some items that will keep you from getting it cold feet before entering the Mansion – the Haunted Mansion knee-high socks!

© ️ Hot topic

They are green and black and include the words “Foolish Fool” as well as some fantastic bat designs!

© ️ Hot topic

You can get them online $ 7.99 (they are currently on sale and are typically priced at $ 9.90).

Click here to get these socks!

So, whether you’re adding a few items to your own list or want to get some great items for a friend or family member, you can take a look at this Haunted Mansion merchandise and add some spooky spirit. in the holiday season! Stay tuned for more news on Disney products.

Click here to see where to get the ornament of Disney World’s most EPIC enchanted mansion!

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