Favorite fan cookies are back at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort!

Merry Christmas, friends! The holiday season has arrived at Disney World with parties in abundance and snoap in store!

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Of course, lots of themed treats go to the parks, such as brownies, bubble waffles, cakes, pastries, drinks, and more at Disney World. However, you may not know about the collection of candies that come back that serve as PERFECT gifts this holiday season!

He Dear cookie packs from Honolulu Cookie Company are BACK at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! He Hawaiian-inspired premium cookies they have been a hit in the store for years to come, as many of the fans ’favorite options have also returned for these holidays.

Sample of the Honolulu cookie company

He Mele gift box it may come in a gingerbread house, but it is stocked 6 cookies that enter 4 flavors

Mele gift box

…I like Mint Macadamia, Dark Chocolate Mint Macadamia, White Chocolate Ginger Spices and White Chocolate Pumpkin per $ 8.50.

Mele gift box

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffing, the smallest My royal can has 7 short cookies en 5 flavors

My little tin can

… With Macadamia with chocolate chips, macadamia dipped in chocolate, macadamia with mint with dark chocolate, ginger spices with white chocolate and white chocolate pumpkin inside for $ 11.50.

My little tin can

However, you can wrap the larger one My royal can as a complete gift to the tree with 30 cookies in a whirlwind 18 flavors

Big Mele gift can

… including specialties such as Guava, Kona coffee, mango macadamia, dark chocolate coconut, white chocolate Kona coffee and more per $ 34!

Big Mele gift can

Are you looking for a way to remember this Christmas for years to come? Well, the Mele souvenir box not only comes with 16 cookies en 8 flavors

Mele souvenir box

… But it also has one removable photographic ornament inside you can customize with your own family images!

Mele souvenir box

Of course, the cookie box also has sweets like Chocolate chip macadamia, pineapple macadamia, chocolate dipped macadamia, triple dark chocolate macadamia, mint macadamia, dark chocolate and mint macadamia, ginger spices with white chocolate and white chocolate pumpkin sweets for $ 25.

Mele souvenir box

Maybe you’re one of those people who tries to find Christmas gift hiding places or shakes their presents before they open. And the Mele Window gift box It would be perfect for you as it has a snack of the 10 cookies en 5 amazing flavors

Mele Window gift box

… Including the Macadamia with chocolate chips, macadamia dipped in chocolate, macadamia with mint, macadamia with dark chocolate and mint with white chocolate per $ 14.50.

Mele Window gift box

Last but not least, you can put some of the tropics in your home with the Pineapple shape Goodx with 12 cookies en 6 different flavors

Pineapple-shaped box

…I like Butter macadamia, chocolate chip macadamia, pineapple macadamia, chocolate-soaked macadamia, dark chocolate Kona coffee and dark triple chocolate macadamia per $ 21.

Pineapple-shaped box

If it doesn’t do us any good, we’ll be provided with them so they last us until next Christmas! Plus, we’ll take a look at all the other meals and treats heading to Disney World this holiday season. Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news and entertainment soon!

Dear Disney World, THIS is how you do the ears of the resort!

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What is your favorite Disney World holiday treat? Let us know in the comments below!

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