Which new Disney World restaurant should be on your to-do list?

He Celebration of the 50th anniversary has started at Disney World.

Grill 71

And with that came a lot of new merchandise, decorations, and snacks new restaurants are even opened in the resort. But which new Disney World restaurants are worth your time and effort?

Well, let’s face it – these are the restaurants for which you’ll want to make sure you get these advance reservations for dinner!

When The Wave … of American Flavors closed to make way for Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, we didn’t know what to expect. But after the opening of Steakhouse 71, we were amazed! And we were thorough in our search: we had breakfast, lunch and dinner there!

It has a good dish!

Breakfast surprised us both for its price and for its food, and we can highly recommend everything we ate, which includes Walt’s Prime Rib Hash, the Steakhouse 71 Seasonal Pancakes and the Steakhouse 71 party (as we have said, we are exhaustive).

Steakhouse 71 Party Breakfast

This is the classic breakfast food that has increased a lot, and we are here for that.

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And the lunch is good too! Del Pa al Potato brioche with sea salt (PA!) Al French onion soup to the Stack burger to the Ambrosia – Everything on the lunch menu is a winner.

This is not the Ambrosia your grandmother made

And we also loved the more unique options!

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But, all in all, dinner was where we were completely blown away. The menu focuses on more steak options, and we tell you that the 12 oz roasted rib and classic Yorkshire pudding it’s one of the best steak dishes we’ve eaten at Disney World! And then there was the absolutely divine Steakhouse Chocolate Cake 71 which has like a million layers (okay, so maybe a little less) that made us want more.

Now IT’S a slice of cake!

But hey, if you can’t get an ADR for Steakhouse 71, you can get into the show too. Despite this, keep in mind that the lounge bites didn’t impress us as much as the restaurant food (except maybe the Stack Burger, which yes, we ate twice).

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At the EPCOT in the French Pavilion, La Crêperie de Paris recently opened. And this is one of the most authentic pancakes we’ve seen at Disney World because the savory options here are the pancakes (i.e. the pancake is made with buckwheat flour, like in France). But we even found the salad here delicious!

Salad at La Creperie

The galettes were also winners, though some we liked more than others; we recommend Salmon galette and the Savoyard Galette. Sweet pancakes are also a hit – Nutella fans will love them Gourmet crepe, while lovers of fruity flavors should try the Melba Crêpe.

Salmon galette

However, if you want to grab a crepe to go, the restaurant also has a takeaway window. Pancakes to go. And the takeaway window has a different menu, and well, we actually decided we’d like the takeaway pancakes even more! From Béchamel, cheese and ham galette to the aptly named Ratatouille Galette to the Vanilla ice cream pancake to the Red berry crepe, this is a great option for a quick snack on the go!

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Also at EPCOT, the long-awaited Space 220 finally opened its doors (or we should say it opened its space elevator). And the real reason you want to go here is that this is like a theme park attraction WITH FOOD. This is a different dining experience than any other because you will go up with a space elevator Centauri Space Station and dine among the stars! And who knows what you’ll see floating up there!

Interior space 220

Lunch and dinner are fixed price menus, with the cost of lunch $ 55 per person and the cost of dinner $ 79 per adult. So it’s a bit pricey, but you’re PAYING FULLY for the experience. But we have to admit that much of the food surprised us. Not EVERYTHING was a hit for us, but for lunch we really enjoyed some of the iconic space-themed cocktails, as well as the Cauliflower Blue Moon and the Flat iron fillet. Please note that lunch is only two courses.

Space 220 Lunch

We also tried dinner, and the 8 oz Cute Fillet it was amazing, along with the Short rib of slow rotation i Carrot cake. Again, dinner is even more expensive, but you get three dishes, instead of two, so keep that in mind.

Short rib of slow rotation

However, our best bet if you want to avoid the frustration of trying to make a reservation here (and folks, it’s DIFFICULT because it builds up quickly) is to queue for the Living room (is first come, first served). Not only can you go up the space elevator, but you can also order the preset menus here. And there are some bites available. If you’re going to eat in space, this is the least expensive way.

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So these are the three new Disney World restaurants where you should have dinner. Weighing what you need to do will really depend on your family’s budget and food preferences! Each offers something very unique! We will continue to review them over time and see if they continue to live up to them!

These are the three most popular restaurants in Disney World. Which one should you choose ?!

Do not miss it Cap Disney fun!

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