Are you planning a Disney cruise? Read about these important payment policy updates

Disney Cruise Line has recently shared some exciting news about his NEW boat, the Disney Wish.

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We’ve also received some updates on opening reservations for early 2023 cruises, the return of cruises from New Orleans in 2022, and more. We now have some important updates for those planning cruises in the near future regarding final payment and cancellation policies.

Recently, Disney Cruise Line expanded its final payment policy for those with cruises reserved until May 31, 2022 for selected guests. Specifically, all guests made the reservation unrestricted cabin categories with scheduled cruises May 31, 2022, will not be required to make their final payment until 60 days before departure.

Therefore, if you have not yet reached the due date for the final payment and fall into this category, you may have a little more time to make the final payment.

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Reservations for restricted indoor, outdoor or terrace rooms are non-refundable.

In addition to extending the final payment schedule, Disney has also expanded the relaxed schedule of cancellation fees. According to the Disney Cruise Line website, for cruises through May 31, 2022, the “cancellation fee schedule” has been temporarily relaxed from 119 days prior to departure to 59 days prior to the exit for the guests that are not suites and no. – categories of concierge. ”

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Disney shared the following chart with travel agents, showing the updated policy.

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The Disney website also shares a look at the cruise date flexibility policy, for those who want to change their departure date …

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… And the current flexible refund policy for guests experiencing COVID-19-related symptoms in a given period of time before browsing.

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All of these policies are subject to change. However, if you are planning an upcoming cruise, knowing these updated payment and cancellation policies can help you determine when your final payment is due and what may happen if you need to move or cancel your navigation.

We will be attentive to more news and inform you of what we find!

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