Review: Disney World’s newest treat is … viscous?

There is no shortage of new delights at Disney World right now, either for the 50th anniversary or to celebrate the holidays.

50th anniversary show

New delights have appeared in all the theme parks and also in many of the resorts! Today we are at the Magic Kingdom to try one of the newest delights of the 50th anniversary, which celebrates the origins of Disney World, and we have … mixed emotions about it.

If you go to the Bakery on Carrer Major at Magic Kingdom (the location of Starbucks in this park), you can find the Inauguration day cake!

Main Street Bakery to Magic Kingdom

This deal is done with a gluten free chocolate cake base, milk chocolate mousse, and strawberry center. It is decorated with balloon splashes and has a piece of chocolate in the end.

Here it is!

We thought the flavors of this delicacy were perfect. Can you get a more iconic combination than strawberry and chocolate?

Ready to dig?

The chocolate mousse was super tasty, not too sweet, and balanced well with the taste of sour strawberry. And the chocolate cake was very damp and fluffy too.

Inauguration day cake

Our only problem with this cake was the texture. Has a gelatin-like sensation in the mousse and the icy on top felt (and looked) lime. At least for us, the cover left a strange texture in our mouths because it was sticky.

He the flavors were great, but we could see that these textures were a problem for some. The coating began to melt quite quickly, so some of this viscosity could also be due to heat.

Great flavors

All the mixed amalgamation may be too much for some people, especially if texture is very important to you. We liked the texture of the sprinkles above, though, since they provided a bit of crunchiness to break all the softness.

We loved the showers

The little chocolate sticker had a picture of Cinderella Castle, and it tasted like normal white chocolate to us.

Here is the interior

Overall, we thought so the cake tasted amazing, but the textures were a little weird (not necessarily bad, just different and maybe unattractive to some). His $ 6.99 The price also seemed a bit high.

Strawberry center

If you want to try it, the Inauguration day cake is available right now at Main Street Bakery. Follow DFB as we try more new treats at Disney World!

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What new Disney treat is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!


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