What’s New in Animal Kingdom: A promenade and holiday decor in abundance has been torn down

I haven’t been there Disney’s animal kingdom for a while? Do you plan to visit it soon and wonder what’s new? Or are you just curious to see what happens in this park? We have you covered!

Animal kingdom

We’re constantly touring Disney parks to see what’s new. During our recent trips to Animal Kingdom, we discovered that a trip has been completely demolished and that some really adorable merchandise has arrived. So, sit back, relax and get ready to take a virtual tour of Animal Kingdom to see what’s new!

Animal Kingdom Construction Updates


More at Restaurantosaurus some painting has been done. When we stopped recently, we realized that the deck had been repainted.


Looking fresh!

It reopened with fresh paint!

DinoLand USA

At DinoLand USA we spotted one of the LARGEST changes made to this park recently. primordial whirlpool, which closed definitively last year, has been gradually dismantled.

But, during a recent trip, it seemed this trip has now been completely demolished!

Goodbye, Primeval Whirl

Everyone just takes a moment to think about all the times you turned on this trip, laughed with your friends and family as you went down the little drops, and probably waited in a long queue for those few seconds of fun.

There is nothing left

We are very curious to see what this space will be like in the future. We will be watching for more updates.

Click here to see more photos of Primeval Whirl!

Animal Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Discovery trade

This week we saw a few new merchandise items at Animal Kingdom. At Discovery Trading, we found 2 lanterns fantastic holiday lanterns which look like the real animal lanterns you’ll find decorating the park.

Flashlight pins

The pines are $ 19.99 each.

Flashlight pins

We also found one new MagicBand in honor of a DinoLand USA attraction: TriceraTop Spin!


If you’re a big fan of this trip, you can now pick up the MagicBand specialty.


It is priced at $ 34.99.


We also found some holiday items, including one golden glass with animal silhouettes about him for $ 24.99 which we actually saw outside the store. It is priced at $ 24.99.

Party glass

There is also a nice one Holiday tree-themed matte print available with Merry Menagerie animal puppets (which will return to the parks this year!) at a price of $ 49.99


… and a holiday t-shirt available for $ 24.99.

Holiday shirt

At Discovery Trading we also found some fantastic ones illuminate ornaments per $ 29.99. They would look beautiful on any tree (or even just on an ornamental stand!).

Very beautiful!

Finally, we finish our wrapper of our merchandise with some of the BEST things we’ve seen: Holiday puppet stuffed animals with the theme of Merry Menagerie puppets that you will find at Animal Kingdom during the holidays.


They’re absolutely adorable and in fact are puppets, so you can use them for all kinds of puppet shows and games at home (or you can just show them off because they’re cute).

So funny!

You can get these beauties for $ 29.99 each.

Click here for more information on these adorable puppets!

Popcorn kiosks

We checked several places and kiosks for holiday drinks and popcorn buckets, but none have arrived yet. A member of the Drinkwallah cast told us that the holiday items are already underway and that There will probably be a bucket of holiday popcorn, a gold drink and a straw topper.

drinking wallah

They are expected to arrive in the next 1 or 2 weeks, but it is clear that things may change. We will be watching all these articles and let you know what we find!

The treasures of the dinosaurs of Chester and Hester

At Chester & Hester’s we saw a very fun place Mickey bubble wand. The wand may have been there for a long time, but since we didn’t really recognize it, we wanted to share it with you.

Bubble wand

The wand includes “animation cells” around the base that show the progression of Mickey’s animation style over the years.

Bubble wand

You can bring this bubble wand home $ 30.

Various updates from the animal kingdom

The Holidays are HERE

If you fancy ALL things mint, hot cocoa and holly, Animal Kingdom is a good place to visit! The park is fully decorated with holiday decorations, from the giant Christmas tree in front of the park …

Christmas tree of the animal kingdom

… in the lanterns above the shops …

These flashlights are beautiful

… and even a fun decoration in Pandora: The World of Avatar!

It’s time to spend some holiday fun in Pandora

Oh, and we can’t forget one of our favorites: the Santa Dino!

I love it!

The park looks especially beautiful during the holidays.

So beautiful at night

Be sure to walk around the next time you go and enjoy all the festive goodness.

Click here to see more about holiday decorations in Animal Kingdom!


If you were hoping to make henna in the parks, you can head to Animal Kingdom where Henna has returned to the stand of the Lion King Festival show!

The art of henna

According to a cast member we spoke to, the henna booth opened about a week ago.


We are still waiting for some entertainment to return to the parks, but at Animal Kingdom you can enjoy the performances of the Here Tam Drummers!

Here Tam Drummers!

When you’re in Africa, be sure to stop by and see them!

I hope to see them again

And that’s all for us right now from Animal Kingdom. Stay tuned for more updates!

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