What’s new in Magic Kingdom: main street vehicles reopen and tons of new holiday delights

Welcome back to another update of the news Magical kingdom!

Cinderella Castle

If you are a big fan of the holiday season, this update is perfect for you: we have the latest news Disney very cheerful after hours, in addition to all the latest seasonal events, sweets, merchandise, and more!

Magic Kingdom food updates

Disney very cheerful after hours

We tried lots of exclusive treats for the first night of Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours party this week! The first is citrus Orange bird churro per $ 7, which can be found in the Snack Cart on Main Street!

It’s definitely orange!

We also loved it Ginger apple funnel cake from Sleepy Hollow soft drinks per $ 7.99!


We also tried a couple of exclusive treats at the party Advanced Golden Oak. They were the Gingerbread almond cake per $ 4.99

Gingerbread almond cake

…and the Ser Jolly Float per $ 6.99.

Ser Jolly Float

There is also an assortment of courtesy treats available for party guests, including Snickerdoodle cookies and hot cocoa!

Snickerdoodle cookie

We’ve written full reviews of all the party’s exclusive delights, so be sure to read ahead of your visit if you’re attending the event outside of this season’s schedule!

Click here to read about everything you can get for FREE at Disney Very Merriest After Hours!

From the local Gravity

We tried a couple Christmas cookie themed delicacies at Aunt Gravity’s galactic gifts and Tomorrowland. The first is the Christmas cookie smoothie per $ 7.99.

Christmas cookie smoothie

We also tried the Christmas cookie sundae per $ 5.99 (There’s ice cream underneath all this whipped cream, we promise!).

Christmas cookie sundae

These two sweets were very sweet, but that was to be expected! Check out this holiday while visiting Tomorrowland.

Click here to read our full review of Christmas cookies at Auntie Gravity’s

Bakery on Carrer Major

We also noticed that the Mickey Cinnamon Roll at Main Street Bakery now comes with red topping!

The Mickey Cinnamon Roll is officially in holiday mode!

Just in time for the holidays, your morning dose of a cinnamon roll is now more festive than ever! Cinnamon rolls are available for $ 6.49.

Click here to see our recipe for recreating Main Street Bakery cinnamon rolls at home!

General Magic Kingdom updates

The biggest general update of Magic Kingdom is this Disney very cheerful after hours has started this week!

Disney very cheerful after hours

We were on the first night, enjoying all the festive views, sounds and tastes!

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade is back!

Be sure to read all of our first night coverage if you plan to attend the event outside of this season’s schedule!

Click here to see our coverage of the first night of Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours!

We noticed it recently the bus and other vehicles on Main Street reopened for the first time since the closures began in March 2020!

The vehicles on Carrer Major are back!

It was so nice to see these vehicles back up and down the main street!

Take a walk!

We’ve also noticed a couple of attraction updates around Magic Kingdom, including some progress with the sign at Mickey’s PhilharMagic!

The poster is being repainted!

We love all these exciting attraction updates! Be sure to follow along as we cover the reopening of Mickey’s PhilharMagic with a new Pixar’s added scene Coco!

Click here to see more photos of recently reopened Main Street vehicles!

Magic Kingdom merchandise upgrades


Pluto fans! This new merchandise discovery is for you! We came across one Pluto plush with hot cocoa aroma at Emporium on Main Street!

It’s Pluto!

It is available for $ 27.99 and is dressed for the holidays, with small antlers.

Cornams ready

We love the holiday stuffed animal every season, but this one is definitely a highlight! Keep your eyes peeled for it the next time you go shopping for the next few weeks for Disney World.

Click here to see more photos of this Pluto stuffed with hot cocoa aroma!

This will make it to our latest summary of what’s new in Magic Kingdom! Be sure to follow it if you plan to visit Disney World this holiday season – There are still many news, products and events that will take place over the coming weeks!

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What is your favorite Disney World park to visit during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

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