When will construction on EPCOT end?

EPCOT has been in a state of change for years as its enormous transformation continues to move forward.


Although the global pandemic affected some projects, construction has continued at various attractions, shops and restaurants, so we are left wondering. when the construction of EPCOT is finally “finished. ”

Let’s break down what projects are still underway and what we know about their deadlines … and then guess when all those building walls will disappear!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is a new trip to EPCOT that was initially scheduled to open on October 1, 2021. After Disney World closed in March 2020, Disney has continued construction of the trip, and now is scheduled to open in 2022..

© Disney

We’ve seen clues to the progress of building construction, but so far Disney hasn’t officially announced an opening date or season.

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Moana: Water journey

We don’t know much about Journey of Water, but Disney has described this attraction as one interactive water trail. Initially it looked like Journey of Water would open sometime in 2021, but Disney has not released an official opening date at that time.

© Disney | Water Journey Concept Art

Given Disney’s silence on this attraction, our best guess is that it could open sometime in 2022, but that’s purely a guess. We saw aerial photographs of progress in June 2021, but there have been no official updates.

See aerial photos of the Journey of Water construction area here!

PLAY! Pavilion

EPCOT PLAY! The pavilion was originally scheduled to open on October 1 for Disney World’s 50th anniversary, but there is no scheduled opening date at this time. This space will feature interactive games and hands-on activities, as well as opportunities to visit Disney characters.

PLAY! Pavilion at the EPCOT Experience

In 2020, we saw aerial footage of progress on PLAY! Pavilion building, but again it is difficult to predict when this place will finally open. We can guess 2022, but since we have no clue what is being done — or not being done— inside the old Wonders of Life building, we’ll practically have to wait for more information from Disney.

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Empty buildings

Mouse gear

Now that Mouse Gear has been officially replaced as EPCOT’s flagship store by Creations Shop, the building is still there, simply empty. So what does Disney plan to do with this building and when will it be done?


Disney is unlikely to have zero plans for this space, but without announcing anything and many construction projects around EPCOT, this could be a project with a long timeline.

Here are the photos of the new Creations Shop!

Electric umbrella

Electric Umbrella was a fast-serving place that served burgers and salads at Future World (now in an area that is probably part of World Celebration) and closed in February 2020 as part of the big EPCOT transformation.

Electric umbrella © Disney

Shortly after the closure of Electric Umbrella, Disney World closed due to the global pandemic, and since then there have been no more announcements about this space. The building was largely demolished and we are still waiting for more information on what Disney plans to do with this space.

Check out the new EPCOT restaurant, Space 220!

Given that Walt Disney himself said Disney parks “will always be in a state of transformation,” the most likely answer to when construction will end at EPCOT is never. However, we can guess that it is possible that the great transformation of EPCOT will begin to be completed at some point in 2022, although more delays in construction are also very real possibilities.

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When do you think the construction of EPCOT will end? Tell us in the comments!

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