A large number of Disneyland magic key sales went to NEW pass holders

Earlier this year, Dinseyland introduced a new annual program for pass holders called Magic key.

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The magic key has 4 different levels of season tickets with different benefits, the highest being the Key of dreams at $ 1399 and the lowest is the Imagine the key at $ 399. Annual season ticket sales had stopped since the onset of the global pandemic and today, Disney shared information on Magic Key sales during its quarterly earnings call.

Disney said it today 40% of annual season ticket sales for Disneyland new pass holders.

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They also mentioned that most pass holders bought 1 of the first 2 levels in the Magic Key program, the The key to dreams and the key to belief.

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The key to dreams really sold out in 2 months.

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This was an interesting update on how the new annual pass program at Disneyland is working! Stay tuned to DFB for more information and updates on today’s Disney earnings call.

Click here for more information on the annual Magic Key Pass Holders Program at Disneyland

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