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It’s no secret that EPCOT is the park for Disney food lovers, and with so many options and festivals, several tours are required even to get close to taste it all.

An EPCOT restaurant that guests can always count on for a cultural experience and magnificent views of this gastronomic paradise is Tokyo Dining in the Japan Pavilion of the World Showcase.

What you need to know

Located above the Mitsukoshi Store, Tokyo Dining is an elegant, modern-style restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking EPCOT’s World Showcase Lagoon.

Tokyo Dining is only open for lunch and dinner, lunch currently starts at 14:00 and ends at 15:55, while dinner is from 16:00 until 21:00. Both meals are priced at $ 15.00 up to $ 34.99 per adult.

Advance food reservations are recommended and can be made in the My Disney Experience app; although, if you are already within this 60-day period, consider using the TouringPlans Booking Finder.

Because EPCOT hosts so many delicious options, it’s important to know which restaurants deserve to be experienced and which to skip. So which side of the line does Tokyo Dining fall on? This is exactly what our park journalist Chrissy set out to determine during her recent visit.

Otsumami (small dishes or snacks)

Crab Salad – $ 30.00

The menu describes the crab salad as 3-piece crab legs, 2-piece crab tongs, mixed vegetables and Yuzu Gari dressing. Unfortunately, Chrissy found this to be the worst value and the least she ate.

The crab tasted like it had been sitting in cold water, so the taste was crab water, not fresh crab. Yuzu’s suit was the equivalent of a LaCroix, just a hint of a whisper of what someone thought Yuzu was. It wasn’t exactly a non-existent dressing, but enough to bother that it wasn’t more abundant. Overall, the crab salad was not good and seemed like a large sum of money for little in return.


Fresh sashimi sample – $ 24.00

Clearly the star and the real reason why everyone should book Tokyo Dining. Seriously, don’t come here for prepared dishes; come and get this impeccable, stellar sushi that is surprisingly available within a theme park.

Consisting of tuna, salmon and yellow-tailed deer, this sample is art on a plate, deliciously fresh and magnificent, and delivers exactly what it promises.

Poached salmon – $ 18.00

The only other outstanding thing Chrissy tried. It was heated just to add a touch of sweetness, but still raw enough to get that buttery and salty goodness you’d expect from an excellent salmon. Chrissy says she should go back to Toyko Dining just for that and sashimi.

Donburi and noodles (bowls and noodles)

Yaki Udon – $ 30.00

Described as Japanese fried Udon noodles with beef and vegetables in a sweet, spicy sauce, this item was good, but it was certainly expensive. Chrissy ordered the vegetarian version, but would probably get the beef again, as both options are priced the same.

While the noodles were perfect and very tasty, the $ 30.00 price tag put a damper on their fun.


Assorted Tempura – $ 17.00

The menu includes this dish as 3-piece prawns, onions, asparagus and red peppers. Unfortunately, it was very mild and not what you are thinking if you are used to ordering tempura at your favorite hibachi place.


Yuzu Mousse Cake – $ 18.00

According to Chrissy, it was lovely, but a little nasty, as it is made up of the same chocolate rocks that Chrissy’s boy enjoys from the candy store. In terms of taste, she admits she’s too used to overly made flavors, but this mousse was too faint and delicate in an annoying way to be good.

Basically, these are great desserts for people who order hot water with lemon while the rest of the table gets drowned.

Final thoughts

Overall, Chrissy says her son would have made an attack here and would have been in the shadows spending a small fortune to make her miserable. Basically, this is not for families with children unless you are 100% sure they love real sushi. In fact, raw fish sushi lovers are the only guests who would like to book Tokyo Dining.

For those looking for the fun Japanese onion volcano experience on fire, Teppan Edo in the Hallway is the best choice.

Still, in the absence of a trip to Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs, the Tokyo Dining sushi was the best it has ever had at any Disney park. The service was exceptional, the view is the best in the park and who doesn’t like the Japan Pavilion?

Have you ever dined at Tokyo Dining? Let us know in the comments!

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