Disney will continue to be “flexible” when it comes to theatrical premieres

The way Disney movies are viewed has changed a lot over the years.

Black Widow at Disney Springs AMC Theaters

Gone are the days of VHS tapes (unless you have some retro ones in your collection). Now, there are Blu-ray discs, streaming, online rentals, theatrical premieres and mixes of different forms. So how will some of the upcoming Disney movies be released? Today we received a bit of an update.

Today, Disney celebrated its quarterly earnings call and released its quarterly earnings report, giving an update on Disney + subscriber numbers and financial figures.

During the earnings call, several questions were also asked about parks and Disney +. Specifically, one person asked why Disney has returned to exclusive movie releases (as he has recently done with Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings i Eterns).

‘Eternals’ opening weekend

According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Disney remains flexible when it comes to movie releases. Chapek shared that they are seeing the theatrical market recover. But he also pointed out that they are watching very closely to see which Disney movies should go to theaters and which should go to Disney +.

Chapek shared that Disney is not sure how the market will react when family movies return to theaters. This may lead Disney to have shorter release windows for family movies.

Charming Signs

Chapek said they are testing the waters and adjusting plans weekly, really emphasizing this vision of keeping things flexible.

So far, Disney and Marvel’s Eterns it has been released exclusively in cinemas. Shang-Chi it was also exclusive to theaters, but will be available to air at Disney + on Disney + Day. Disney had also previously announced that its upcoming films: Charming i West Side Story will be released exclusively in theaters (initially).

Shang-Chi © Marvel

Of course, as Disney points out, things are subject to change. So where you watch your next favorite Disney movie could be your home via Premier Access, your home via free Disney + streaming, cinemas, or maybe some mix. Only time will tell.

We look forward to hearing more from Disney and sharing it with you.

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