PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Chance the Rapper was performing today at EPCOT for an exciting reason!

Even if you don’t go to the parks this holiday season, there are still some ways to get your Disney Christmas solution!

The tree is HERE!

Disney has traditionally released an ABC holiday special on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day for families to get together and enjoy the holidays without the need for a ticket to the park. Disney has not released details on the specials this year, however Earlier today, we saw a country star filming something for the holidays at EPCOT and now there is another star coming up on stage!

The EPCOT front has been a popular spot today as teams and guests have gathered around a new Mickey-shaped stage which appeared yesterday and is decorated for the holidays.

This has been riding all day!

And, while a little rain may have delayed the filming schedule, there’s still a lot to see here! Between showers, we saw several musicians, camera crews and technicians cleaning up the stage and preparing it for a new artist.

Preparing the performance!

And, who was the next performer? Chance the Rapper!

Chance is the rapper!

Chance the rapper took to the stage this afternoon for perform one of their own holiday songs and everyone who happened to be by chance had a chance to see and participate in the special!

And of course, there was snoap!


The rapper is probably not the last star we’ll see filming at Disney World for an upcoming holiday special: hopefully there will be more musical performances in the parks over the next few days. Of course, we’ll be sure to take a look at everything, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news!

Check out some of the filming that took place today at EPCOT!

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