New at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Waiting time of more than 2 HOURS and amazing holiday decor

Have you heard what’s going on with Disney’s Animal Kingdom lately? Whether you’re going to this park early or want to keep up to date with the latest news, we’ve got you covered.

Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We will visit this park and see all the news we can find. We find some new merchandise inside gift shops and holiday decorations everywhere on our last trip. Let’s see all that is new!

We’ll start with lots of new memories you can find at Animal Kingdom now.

Upgrading of animal kingdom merchandise

At Discovery trade, we find a new holiday MagicBand what features the Disney dogs all dressed up for the season!

Holiday MagicBand

We originally detected this The jewelers at the top of Magic Kingdom, so you can get one anywhere.

Disney Dogs MagicBand

The band has canine characters like Lady and the Tramp, Pluto and Bolt!

So handsome!

Is a band of Dooney and Bourke, which means you also have this fantastic clip on the side. That also means it’s a little more expensive than most MagicBands you’ll find at Disney World. You can get it for $ 58.

Oh, fantastic

More at Riverside depot, we find a new pin this proves Stitch inside a display case, enjoying the beach.

New Stitch Pin

It is part of it the Disney Terrarium pine series.

Pin terrarium point

You can get it 50th anniversary goods inwards Mercantile Island, including the Vault collection, which has vintage-style Disney memories.

Collection of return to the Mercantile Island

These items are not new, but this is just a reminder here you will find many collectibles!

Lots of fun stuff!

And you can also get the Merry Menagerie puppets we saw last week on this site.

Hello guys!

As a reminder, puppets cost money $ 29.99 each.

Update of animal kingdom decorations

We are still seeing holiday decorations in this park! We saw the big Christmas tree of the animal kingdom on the way to …

Christmas tree of the animal kingdom

… and I stopped to admire more holiday decorations at nearby stores.

Lots of beautiful decor in this park

If you can, walk through the land of Asia in this night park to see the beautiful holiday decorations lit there.

Very beautiful!

The unobtrusive animal kingdom has some of the best Disney World holiday decorations.

Update on the attractions and crowds of the animal kingdom

The crowds were a little weird at Animal Kingdom this week. Some days, there were very busy stretches of the park and other places that felt practically empty. If you are there on a busy day, go to Gardens of the tree of life or trails like the Maharajah Jungle Trek to escape the crowd. Around mid-morning, these are the waiting times for popular attractions:

Everest Expedition

Head to Asia if you want to board the Everest Expedition, which takes guests on a journey through the Forbidden Mountain in search of the yeti.

Everest Expedition

Everest had a wait of 25 minutes when we stopped.

Avatar: Flight of Passage

Avatar: Flight of Passage is probably the most popular trip to Animal Kingdom right now. It is a virtual reality experience where you can ride on the back of a banshee of the movie Avatar.

Flight of Passage loading bicycles

Towards mid-morning, this trip took place a LONG waiting time at 130 minutes. This hike usually has the longest wait in the park, but a few weeks ago it hasn’t been that high! We recommend that you go to Flight of Passage just when the park opens (or go just before it closes) if you don’t want a long wait.


DINOSAUR also had an unusually long waiting time 55 minutes. You can usually get on this trip with a much shorter waiting time, so if you find it long when you stop, try again after a while.


And that’s it for our Animal Kingdom update! Follow DFB for more news and updates as you plan your next trip to Disney World.

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