REVIEW: Disney has just unlocked a fun Thanksgiving treat: chicken wings with blueberries

Disney California Adventure hosts the Festival Festival again this year.

Disney California Adventure

In the Festival Marketplace, you can find several stands with snacks, sweets and drinks. We’ve already taken a look Winter Sliderland, i now we head to the Merry Mashups booth to see their new menu!

In the past, we’ve seen some fun (and delicious) snacks here like Turkey & Stuffing Tamale and Pork at Pastor Naan Taco. But this year you won’t see them here. Instead, there are four items NEW in the menu of this stand.

Cheerful Mashups House

Let’s take a look at the 2021 menu!


In the Merry Mashups menu, you will find it Esquites Carnitas Mac & Cheese per $ 8.00, Holiday spicy wings per $ 8.00, ia Holiday mix per $ 6.50. (Please note that the Holiday Mix is ​​also available at the Treats for Santa booth.)

Merry Mashups menu

As for drinks, you can get the Punch of guava pisco and honey here for $ 14.00.


We started with the Esquites Carnitas Mac & Cheese, what features Oaxaca and Cotija cheeses with seasoned puffed rice. There are MANY textures that happen here, so depending on your preferences, you may not like this, even though one of our reporters enjoyed it!

Esquites Carnitas Mac and Cheese

Check out Carnitas Mac & Cheese in our video below!

Then we had the Holiday spicy wings, which are served with citrus blueberries. These wings had a STRONG sweet taste of blueberries, and also in a little citrus flavor. The chicken itself was really tasty!

Holiday spicy wings

You can watch our video of this dish below!

They didn’t have the Holiday mix yet, but we will update it as soon as we can try it!


He Punch of guava pisco and honey is Pisco Brandy, Guava Juice, Spicy Honey Syrup, Ginger i lime juice. Stay tuned for our review soon!


This is an interesting stand! The Holiday Spiced Wings was nice mix of sweetness with the tasty chicken, and the Mac & Cheese Carnitas Esquites it had many different textures, but it may be worth a try if these flavors look good to you! We’ll be back with reviews of Holiday Mix and Honey Guava Pisco Punch soon.

Stay tuned to DFB, because we’re checking out all the stands at this year’s Disneyland Holiday Festival!

Click here to see ALL the stands and menus for the Disneyland 2021 Holiday Festival

Which snack at the Merry Mashup would you try first? Let us know in the comments.

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