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Merriest Nites is a special event with additional tickets that is held select nights at Disneyland during the holiday season. The party includes an exclusive view of A Christmas Fantasy Parade, photo opportunities, a dance party, live entertainment and more. In this review of Merriest Nites we will talk about what to expect and how to make the most of your time at the Disneyland Christmas party. We will also try to decide if the asking price of $ 175 is worth it.

The dates of the party are 11, 16, 30 November, 7 and 9 December. Tickets for all nights of the Merriest Nites Christmas party are sold out.

What time is the match?

Officially the Party starts at 8pm and lasts until 12pm. Guests with tickets valid for the Disneyland Christmas party can enter Disneyland up to three hours before the start time of the event.

Will I need a special ticket to enter the Party?

Yes. The ticket requires the purchase of a separate ticket only for this event. It is not included in the usual theme park entrances or magic keys.

How much are the tickets for the party?

The first night of the party is $ 175, while the rest of the nights are $ 165.

At least receive a Christmas light necklace included with your ticket.

I don’t have Park Hopper. Can I still buy the Merriest Nites party ticket?

Yes. Tickets for Merriest Nites parties are completely separate from the usual means of admission to the park. If you have a day ticket / a park, we invite you to visit DCA in the morning and then at the Merriest Nites Christmas party in the evening with a party ticket. That wouldn’t count as “Park Hop”.

I have heard that parking is not included with party tickets. Really?

Yes, seriously. Disney does not include free parking with Merriest Nites tickets. Parking will cost you $ 30 (unless you have free parking on your magic key).

How will I know where to go after arriving at Disneyland?

Depending on the time of arrival at Disneyland, some or all of the entrance turnstiles will be dedicated to the entrance to the party. Look for signs indicating where to go. When you enter the park with a Christmas party ticket, a cast member will place a plastic bracelet on your arm and hand you a cord. Also be sure to grab a map at the entrance.

Snowfall is projected on Mount Matterhorn during the party.

I won’t be going to the Merriest Nites Christmas party, but I will be at Disneyland for a day when the party is held. Will they take me out of the park when the party starts?

No one will force you to withdraw from the park, but starting at 7 p.m., cast members will set up checkpoints for the bracelets. If you do not wear a bracelet, you will be directed to the exit of the park. Wrist checks are done periodically at the attractions and entrances of each terrain.

I will be visiting Disneyland in the afternoon and will also be attending Merriest Nites. Do I have to leave the park at some point?

No. Starting in the afternoon, a station will be set up inside Star Wars Launch Bay Park in Tomorrowland to distribute bracelets to party guests who are already inside. Come on in, they’ll scan your Christmas party ticket, give you a bracelet and you’ll be ready when the party starts.

How is the situation of the public during the party?

Personally, I found the attraction lines for the attractions to be quite short during the Party. But the meeting and greeting of popular characters, such as Mickey and the gang from the Disney Christmas song, had lines of 10 to 20 minutes. I found it impossible to do everything. With so many encounters and greetings, live shows and parade, I didn’t mount any attraction when I attended the Party. There just wasn’t enough time.

What is NOT open during the party?

All of Critter Country, Mickey’s Toon Town and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are closed during the event. Pity!

Fun holiday screenings in Main Street buildings, USA

Now that you have your business out of the way, can you tell me what to do at the Party?

To the fun stuff! The Merriest Nites Party has several components:

  • Walks
  • Live entertainment
  • Opportunities to meet and greet special characters
  • A Christmas fantasy parade
  • The Muppets Christmas Caroling Coach
Wandering Oaken and the Duke of Weselton meet near “it’s a small world”

Mickey’s Christmas Carol characters are on the main street.

How many characters will be available?

  • Friends of Frozen (Elsa, Oken, Wandering Oaken and Duke of Weselton) – Fantasyland
  • Belle & Beast – Fantasyland
  • Donald’s Snow Fight – Fantasyland (at the Fantasyland Theater)
  • Pluto’s Christmas Tree – Fantasyland (outside Pixie Hallow)
  • Fantasia’s Frozen Fairy Wings – Fantasyland
  • Santa Claus – Fantasyland (a Fantasy Faire)
  • Friends from Mickey’s Christmas Carol – Main Street, USA (near the Mad Hatter store)
  • Princess Tiana – New Orleans Square (on the balcony above Royal Street Veranda)
  • Jack and Sally: near Orleans Square (on the balcony of the enchanted mansion)
  • Buzz Lightyear – Tomorrowland (second level of the Star Wars Launch Bay building)
  • Miguel – Frontierland
  • Lilo and Stitch: Adventureland (outside the Enchanted Tiki Room)

What are my food choices during the Party?

There are a number of counter service venues open during the Party. These places offer you a variety of options, from sweets to salads. There are some exclusive foods available during the party, but nothing very substantial. Most include a kind of churro with icing and dipping sauce.

I find it silly to use a substantial percentage of your valuable holiday time for a full meal. To get the most out of your Christmas party offerings, consume your sitting protein before the party starts. A dinner at 5:30 pm at Jolly Holiday Bakery is a great way to strengthen yourself for the long night ahead.

Here is the only special article we tried. The Remember Me, which is a piece of guitar-shaped fried bread along with sweet milk ice cream and cream. That was a single spoonful of ice cream for $ 10. $ 10! This is not a mistake!

Tell me about the parade.

A Christmas fantasy parade features Santa Claus, elven dancers and Toy Story characters and Disneyland princesses. This parade has been running at Disneyland for years, and if you’ve seen it at some point in the last 10 years, you’ll know what to expect. There are no exclusive changes to this Christmas event.

The parade begins in the town square, on Main Street, in the United States, and goes up the street near the Matterhorn. He then walks the path that leads to “it’s a small world.” As with all parades, depending on where you are on the parade route, the parade may take 15 minutes or more to pass through your location. The exact route of the parade is indicated on the map of the Merriest Nites party park.

For the best view, get a spot for the parade at least 30 minutes in advance. There is only one show during the party and the squares fill up quickly.

What is The Muppets Christmas Song Coach?

It’s the best Merriest Nites party, that’s what it is. Seriously, it’s wonderful and fun and you should do your best to make it a part of your night at Disneyland’s Christmas party. Miss Piggy, Kermit, Fozy, Gonzo, Pepé the King Prawn and Sam Eagle sing Christmas music from the famous Disneyland Bus. The bus will enter the main street from the town square and then cross the street before going around the town center. The bus will stop in front of the Partners statue (on the street between Plaza Inn and Jolly Holiday Bakery) and do the show. Unfortunately, this narrow area makes viewing a great pain. The street clears so the Bus can get into the core, and then, when it passes, there’s a madness of people rushing to get the best views to see the show.

Even if you are fast enough, this will be your vision from only 2 rows of people. I’m not sure what the answer is, but Disney must find a better way to get things moving.

If you miss the Muppets show or don’t go to the party, we have a video of the full show on our YouTube channel.
How can the Disneyland Christmas party affect weather?

Tickets are non-refundable and the Party rains or shines, even if it rains. Some of the Party’s activities may be postponed, restricted or canceled, but the Party itself will continue.

What should I do first during the party?

The first step is to decide what your priorities are. Are you there to meet characters? Want to focus on unique entertainment? Do you want travel time with low lines? Each of these scenarios needs a different tour strategy. Once you’ve set your priorities, it’s easy to choose a plan.

Wait times are low during the party, and you can easily enjoy the best Disneyland has to offer before the event ends. The park’s headliners have short waiting times, for example Indiana Jones Adventure was a ride every time it passed.

There is fantastic live entertainment during the party that adds festive fun to every floor. Our favorites include a jazz band performing on the deck of the Mark Twain and bells ringing on Main Street in the United States.

What advice do you have if my main goal is to meet characters?

If your main goal is to get to know characters, you may want to see them at the beginning of the party, as their lines are consistent throughout the party.

Photopass downloads are included with your party ticket. These photos have come out great!

Is the Merriest Nites Christmas Party Worth It?

We get a lot of feedback from Halloween party attendees with a price similar to DCA ranging from people who say it was a waste of money to people who say it was a highlight of their trip. Almost everything on offer for the Festival is also part of a regular entrance to the park, except for live entertainment. Is this worth 165-175 dollars for you? To maximize your dollar return, consider:

  • Be present throughout the event. Think of it this way: if you pay $ 175 for your ticket and you stay five full hours, you spend almost $ 35 an hour on your entertainment. If you only have three hours left, spend $ 58 an hour on your entertainment.
  • You will live the most “Christmas” experience if you focus on unique events / activities for the Party. Space Mountain is the same Space Mountain, with or without a Merriest Nites Party ticket. The Muppets ’Christmas song coach can only be seen at the party.
  • Multitasking when possible. If you have to wait for a parade to begin, use that time for your food consumption.
  • The car park is no included in your Merriest Nites Party entry.
  • Photopass downloads are included for free with Merriest Nites Party tickets.

More information, including ticket options, can be found on the official Disneyland website.

Funny photo backgrounds like these are scattered throughout the park.

Funny photo backgrounds like these are scattered throughout the park.

Disneyland Merriest Nites Party 2021 Map

Are you planning to attend the Merriest Nites party this year? What are you most looking forward to? What are your strategies, do you have to see and do you have to jump? Let us know in the comments below.

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