PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: We’re live on the first night of the happiest nights at Disneyland!

Christmas is officially here, folks, now that the holiday season is in full swing at Disney Parks! And we take you with us to experience the happiest first nights of Disney (like … NEVER) at Disneyland!

Get a load of this MAGNIFICENT tree!

There is plenty of food, merchandise, entertainment and more around the park to make them enjoy. Of course, we take a look at EVERYONE! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to enter Christmas at Disneyland together!

Keep going because we will be updating this post throughout the night!

Merriest Nites is a new holiday event at Disneyland Resort.

Merriest Nites guide map

Merriest Nites guests can enter Disneyland Park without making a park reservation after 5pm. The event officially begins at 7 p.m. Here’s a look at the line when we got to the event.

Merriest Nites entrance line

There’s a pack at tonight’s event, with all tickets sold out!

It’s a full house!

Here’s a look at the main street 6:30 p.m. There were a lot of people because of the combination of day guests coming out and guests at the event coming into the park at the same time.

Crowds in the main street

Now, let’s get into the festivities of the happiest first nights!

Eat and Deli

There are 20 special meals and treats with sweet and savory options available to guests during Disney Merriest Nites! And, it wouldn’t be the Disney Food Blog without sharing a look at them, would it? One of the first treats we tried overnight was the Loaded toffee churro from Tomorrowland Churro Cart, which was a churro rolled in toffee-flavored sugar, drizzled with chocolate ganache with chopped almonds.

Toffee’s Churro!

This is available for $ 6.75.

We also had the Milk-n-Cookies Pretzel, which was a Pretzel stuffed with cream cheese covered in icing, crumbled chocolate chip cookies and sweetened condensed milk.

The pretzel of milk and cookies!

You can get this at Pretzel Tomorrowland cart per $ 7.75!

What would a Disney event be without Dole Whip? More at Tropical Hideaway, you can take the Paradise Party float, which is Blue pineapple juice covered with a watermelon DOLE whip! This is available for $ 6.79.

Mobile Order is active during Disney Merriest Nites, so you can place your order quickly before continuing on your way to the event for the night.

Photographic options

Guests visiting Disney Merriest Nites can enjoy an unlimited number of digital Disney PhotoPass downloads with their tickets. Plus, there are lots of photo shoots in the park to put up with family and friends! Some of these photo shoots take the form of funny photo walls, like this one on Adventureland!

The Photo Wall a Adventureland!

Although the official photo shoots are not available with all of them, you will be able to spot the “hosts” of the characters from each land during the happiest nights! For example, we saw Lilo near Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland.


Are you looking for an exclusive memento to commemorate Disney’s happiest first nights? Then you will want to move on Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland to find all kinds of themed articles! It is important to note that a mobile waiting list system can be set up, where guests will need to add their name and phone number before waiting to receive a return message.

The first night of the happiest nights, a mobile waiting list was created and open began to open at 19:30 PST. At Launch Bay, you’ll find plenty of merchandising products, including a long-sleeved t-shirt with all the “host” characters from the event …

A beautiful festive red!

… A short sleeve t-shirt with Mickey and Minnie in their Christmas dresses …


… and items like an exclusive glass with the “hosts” character, a phone case with the same design, a limited release pin with Mickey and Minnie with their Victorian costumes and a special ornament!

So much merchandise!

Remember: you can find this whole product in Star Wars: Launch Bay in Tomorrowland.

Waiting times and crowds

Because Disney Merriest Nites is an out-of-hours event, waiting times are MUCH shorter than they would be during the day. About an hour before the event, waiting times were, for the most part, quite typical. The popular Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction had a 40-minute wait time, while Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin had a 20-minute wait.

© Disney

Haunted Mansion Holiday, a trip that has reached three digits with its waiting time, was a 40-minute wait.

© Disney

Similarly, Indiana Jones had a 55-minute wait, but Jungle Cruise had a low wait time of 10 minutes.

© Disney

Other popular attractions like Peter Pan’s Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean …

© Disney

… Space Mountain and Splash Mountain had waits of less than an hour.

© Disney

As we move around Disneyland and Disney World during the holiday season, we’re sure to update you on everything you need to know. Too, follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! Stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney news and entertainment!

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What excites you the most during Disney’s happiest nights? Let us know in the comments below!

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