planDisney Celebrate Disney + Day with a simple DIY countdown

November 12thth it’s no longer just your normal calendar day. Today is a day to roll out the blue carpet and celebrate Disney +, and here at planDisney we celebrate it with a monthtacular idea to incorporate Disney + into your next Disney Parks vacation countdown!

The Disney + countdown chain

You and your family may have created a countdown chain for birthdays, celebrations, and parties. However, have you created a Disney + countdown chain for a Disney getaway? Grab these scissors, take out the construction paper, and create a list of your Disney parks-inspired movies and shows to create the ultimate countdown chain. Then, every day, take one out, grab a snack, and watch the suggestion at your link to cheer on the entire crew for your next Disney vacation. Not sure which movies or shows to include in your channel? This is where plaDisney panelists come in!

For Missy F., she encourages families to include “Behind the Attraction” (a Disney + original) in her chain. “Behind the Attraction there is an informative and FUN look behind the scenes of some of Disney’s most beloved attractions. My whole family can’t wait to re-experience these attractions now that we know more details, while my son has taken it a step further and been inspired to draw attraction plans that he would like to design someday for Disney! ”

Speaking of series to add to your countdown chain, Ashley P. says an essential link in the chain would be “One Day at Disney Shorts.” This Disney + series includes the stories and experiences of Disney cast members, and several shorts feature cast members working at Disney parks. She says: “The shorts have featured an Animal Guardian at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, a Candy Maker at Disneyland Resort and an Imagineering Project Manager at EPCOT. These short episodes offer viewers a behind-the-scenes look. of the unique magic that is created for Disney park guests “.

Themed nights are how Lauren B. decides which movies to include in her backlink links: “We love choosing Disney +’ s favorite Disney movies and watching them all before our trip, but theme all the night around, including the food! Even if Sebastian doesn’t approve, we’ll eat seafood and see ‘The Little Mermaid’, enjoy donuts while watching ‘The Princess and the Frog’ or pair the tacos night with ‘Coconut’! There are so many movies that inspire fantastic snacks that help encourage us to visit the most magical place on Earth. ”

Since your little ones aren’t that small, Tabitha D. recommends adding some classics to your Disney + countdown chain. “As my kids get older, I love introducing them to classic Disney movies that are animated in theme parks. Watching ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ together gave them a whole new perspective as they explored Swiss Family Treehouse. at Magic Kingdom Park.After watching “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes,” they now understand why there are a pair of tennis shoes outside the computer room in Journey Into Imagination with Figment at EPCOT.The classics add a layer completely new to Disney inspiration! “

Do you feel a little stressed when the links started to disappear and it’s almost time to pack up? Robyn M. has the perfect series for your chain … “Zenmation”! “‘Zenmation’ is the perfect Disney + series when you need a moment of calm. Whether you’re snuggling up before going to bed or needing a little inspiration to plan your Disney days, these shorts highlight the best of the world. ‘Disney animation and music while creating moments of awareness’.

And if your next countdown should be for a vacation trip to a Disney park, Shantel H. recommends that you make sure to include “Santa’s” movies! Andrew also has a holiday suggestion, but perhaps for a completely different reason: “While we were decorating for Christmas over the weekend, we saw‘ Home Alone ’1 and 2 at Disney +, so the kids would know what not to do at the airport during our trip to the Walt Disney World Resort next month. “

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to create our next Disney + countdown! And from all of us at planDisney … Happy Disney + Day! For more fun tips like these and great tips for planning your next Disney vacation at @planDisneyPanel on Instagram, @planDisney on Twitter, or planDisney.com. We look forward to answering your planning questions.

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