We have this berry and cream song stuck in our head again thanks to this Disney site

The holiday season has arrived at Disneyland Resort!

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We are checking out merchandise, snacks and the Merriest Nites event at Disneyland Park, but at Disney California Adventure, it’s the Holiday Festival again! We are on the first day of the party (some booths opened the day before), ready to try all the dishes. Here we go!

Currently, we are going to the Grandma’s recipe booth to try some delicious holiday delights and share our thoughts!

Grandma’s recipes


Let’s start with the stand menu. Grandma’s recipes serve two different foods and one drink. The selection is small but powerful!

Grandma’s recipe menu

Does any of these elements sound good to you? Let’s taste them and find out!


Let’s start with Impossible Enchanted Arepa! It is made with a Corn stuffed with dairy-free cheese with ground meat based on spicy herbs and pickled onions and costs $ 7.50. This dish would have been perfect, unless the corn base is too thick! The soft taste and thickness of the corn eclipsed the delicious Impossible meat that was on top.

Impossible Enchanted Arepa

The following is the Gingerbread Mickey -not nice? He is one Gingerbread cookie with splashes. You can buy one for $ 5.25. This was a winner for us! It was a nice, thick cookie of gingerbread with the perfect amount of soft chewing.

Gingerbread Mickey


And finally, we have the drink! This is one Berries ‘n’ Cream made with HHomemade water syrup, strawberries and raspberries, condensed and whole milk, and fruit-flavored cereals topped with homemade strawberry whipped cream. Sounds pretty intriguing to us, and you can get it $ 6.50.

Berries ‘n’ Cream

This drink was a bit of a weird combination for us because it’s milk with ice! However, it’s very similar to drinking a bowl of fruity cereal and a little too sweet, but it’s still a fun drink to try.


Overall, this stand was right. If you are looking for a vegan dish, Arepa may be a good choice for you despite the thick, coarse corn in the background. Despite this, another meatless option is the Impossible Chorizo ​​Fos from the Brews & Bites stand!

Beers and bites


If you are determined to get something from this stand, go for that gingerbread Mickey! In the meantime, today we tried better stands, like Favorite things, which had an excellent Stuffed with Mac ‘n’ Cheese, i Winter Sliderland with his Nashville Hot Turkey Slider. We believe there are more plentiful options at other booths for sure!

Hot Nashville Turkey

Stay tuned to DFB for more reviews of the festival’s food stands as well as full details on Disneyland Resort holiday deals!

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