New at Disney Springs: $ 100 ornaments, 11 food reviews and MORE!

Hello from Disney Springs!

Disney Springs looks festive!

In case you haven’t noticed, the holidays have EXPLODED all over Disney World, and Disney Springs is no exception. And we love this time of year because all the holiday decorations are the thing to put us in the holiday mood. So let’s see what’s been going on at Disney Springs lately!

Disney Springs food updates

Gideon’s Oven

It’s a new month and you know what that means – a new limited edition cookie at Gideon’s Bakehouse! To celebrate the Day of the Dead, Gideon ‘s has launched the Galeta Calavera (also known as the chocolate icing cookies). This is one chocolate chip cookie full of cinnamon sugar and a pinch of species of chile ancho and cayenne. There is also a layer of milk candy In the middle. And the cookies are topped with a mix of different chocolates. OH, YES.

Galeta Calavera

Overall, we thought it was a pretty tasty treat. It is available throughout the month $ 6.

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Everglazed Donuts and Cold Brew

Everglazed has officially released its Holiday mystery donut and is a Donut of apple strudel! Cover the donut with apple flavor caramel sauce, coffee cake pieces of cinnamon, i a drizzle of vanilla icing. And it has one stuffed with apple inside!

Donut of apple strudel

We thought this donut was FANTASTIC and perfect for fall. This was available for a limited time $ 6.50.

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Pastisseria Amorette

There are THREE new holiday delights available now at Amorette’s Pastisserie, including the Éclair of white chocolate and mint per $ 8.50, which is an eclair with a filling of white chocolate and mint mousse, garnished with chunks of mint caramel and golden bread. This is for lovers of white chocolate and mint.

White chocolate + mint = good or bad?

There is also the Mickey Mousse Holiday Mini Dome per $ 9 which is Amorette’s usual dome cake with a festive makeover. Is Chocolate chiffon cake, dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse. We had it last year and this year’s gift was just as delicious!

It’s a festive gift from Mickey!

Then there is the Party Perfect per $ 9. It is made with a bourbon white chocolate mousse, blueberry cherry panna cotta, maple chocolate ganache, i chocolate chiffon cake, and is garnished with candied pralines i meringue trees.

Perfect vacation

Let’s just say there’s a LOT going on with this snack and leave it at that.

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Hangar Bar by Jock Lindsey

Jock Lindsey is now Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar and that means NEW holiday treats! This includes three new drinks! The first thing we tried was the Yule Mule, made with Bombay Sapphire, cranberry juice, simple rosemary syrup, lime juice and ginger beer per $ 13. This is a great choice for mule fans!

Yule Mule

Then there is the Claus Mo made with Absolute Citron, Cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice and shine per $ 16. It’s basically a bright cosmos!

Claus Mo

However, the bar was mint free, so we couldn’t try the third glass, the Elf Elixer. It’s a mix of white cocoa cream, green mint cream and a half and a half.

But we were able to try some food, including the Venison Slider, which is done with venison sausage rolls, arugula, tomato and blueberry aioli on homemade buns per $ 14. And you’ll want to get it if you want to get a serious holiday vibe.

Venison Slider

There is also the Fried Brussels sprouts, which are served with a bacon vinaigrette per $ 8 They were fine, but we prefer The Polite Pig’s Brussels sprouts to these.

Fried Brussels sprouts

He Holiday Lights ous dimonis they are back! These are colorful devil’s eggs with tobiko i gambeta per $ 12. They are not super spicy and the prawns are a nice touch. And, well, the presentation is pretty unique!

Holiday Lights ous dimonis

He Ham and brie bread per $ 9 is made with grated ham, brie cheese, pomegranate seeds, Granny Smith apples, apple vinaigrette and watercress. This was another great flat bread from Jock’s!

Ham and brie bread

Cookies and Milk characteristics a variety of assorted cookies i coquito. This would make Santa very happy; is also a big winner with us! Is $ 27, but if you replace milk with coquito, it is $ 9

Cookies and Milk

Finally, the Charcoal lump dessert flew us – It’s a “charcoal” cream cookies and ganache per $ 12. The presentation was amazing, and it’s delicious!

Charcoal lump dessert

If you want to cheer up your holiday spirit at Jock’s, go there before the holiday season is over!

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Drink bar on the roof of the Coca-Cola store

The drink of the month at the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar is Caramel Apple Cider. It is made with Simply apple juice, Smirnoff Kissed Caramel and Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple and garnished with Whip cream with a Caramel spray and one apple slice.

It’s falling into a cup!

This is the perfect drink if you’re not ready to embrace the winter holidays and just want to stay clinging to fall. It was all we wanted in an autumn drink, though professional advice – be sure to stir it because alcohol tends to build up in the bottom. It is now available for $ 15.

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Disney Springs Merchandise Updates

Christmas days

Some beautiful news Christopher Radko’s 50th birthday ornaments have appeared on Christmas days. And there is one for each park!

The Ornaments

However, if you want to pick up all four, you will need to open your wallets. Each ornament is $ 99, making the four around $ 400!

Click here to see photos of each ornament

Attracted to life Presented by Cirque du Soleil

For the first time since the closing of Disney World, the Disney Springs tent building will soon reopen its doors for the premiere of Drawn To Life Presented by Cirque du Soleil. But you can get merchandise for the show NOW MORE like this Accessory bag per $ 15

Perfect for art material!

… A The animation is Imagination Tee per $ 29

Light bulb t-shirt!

… A Animation is a backpack of imagination per $ 49

VERY cool backpack

… A Life is what you draw in Baseball Cap per $ 25


… A Animation is the imagination baseball cap per $ 25

Great hat!

… A Draw your Destiny baseball cap with bow per $ 25

Draw your own destiny

… A Draw your own hooded sweatshirt destination per $ 39


… A The animation is the imaginative hooded t-shirt per $ 49

It looks pixelated!

Learn more about this show here

… A Life is what you draw in Sweatshirt per $ 59

Life is what you draw

… A T-shirt Life is what you draw per $ 29


… A Sequin backpack


… A Enter the forest of your imagination Children’s dress per $ 25

Children’s dress

… A Children’s t-shirt to let your imagination run wild per $ 25


… A Kids always dream of colorful t-shirt per $ 25


… Ia He always dreams of color Canteen!

Dreaming in Color

Drawn To Life premieres on November 18th.

Learn more about this show!

Disney World

The new holiday merchandise has arrived at World of Disney! There is this Holiday joy t-shirt per $ 24.99

Holidays Mickey and Minnie

… fun Holiday Toy Story Aliens T-Shirt per $ 19.99

OoOoOoh… .present!

… A Lilo and Stitch 2021 Christmas Countdown Pin per $ 34.99

Limited edition pin!

… a box of Mint bark per $ 17.99

Mint bark

… A Collection of holiday chocolate bars per $ 14.99


Holiday Crunchy Rice Cereal Delights per $ 13.99


… I Sets of 50th anniversary gold statue ornaments – each set is $ 49.99. There is a set with Bambi, Nemo and Dory, Timon and Pumba and Simba.

Golden statue ornaments of the 50th anniversary

There is also a set with Miguel, Joe Gardner, Rocket Racoon and Groot, Olaf and Figment.

Golden statue ornaments of the 50th anniversary

We also saw a set with Frozone, Edna Mode, Woody and Bo Peep, Flounder and Sebastian and R2-D2.

Golden statue ornaments of the 50th anniversary

And there is a set with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto.

Golden statue ornaments of the 50th anniversary

And now for MORE holiday stuff. There is one Christmas countdown calendar per $ 49.99

Countdown to Christmas!

… A Santa Mickey’s keychain

Santa Mickey!

… A Ceramic Christmas tree per $ 49.99

These are very beautiful

… A Wooden figure of Merriest Wishes per $ 29.99

The happiest wishes!

… and repopulated green Mickey and Pluto ornament – they are decorating a Christmas tree!

Decorating the tree!

This ornament is $ 29.99.

There’s a FREE 50th anniversary ornament at Disney World, but it’s not easy to get – find out how to get it here

Other Disney Springs updates

Holiday decorations

Disney Springs has joined the rest of Disney World to celebrate the holidays – the whole area is being adorned with holiday joy!

Holidays have arrived in Disney Springs

There are lots of wreaths, garlands and other decorations guaranteed to put a smile on even Scrooge!

See more photos of Disney Springs holiday decorations


AMC has posters for the latest Marvel movie The eternal ones.

Ready for The Eternals?

Plus, there’s a fun photo shoot here too!

Photo on time

The eternal ones is now officially in theaters!

Watch the teaser trailer for Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

That’s all we have for this round of updates, but stay tuned for more!

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