Spread the kindness through recognition at the Walt Disney World Resort

It’s World Kindness Day and today we celebrate it with an incredibly special cast member who spreads kindness through recognition.

Here at Disney, it’s no secret that the 5 keys (safety, courtesy, show, efficiency, and inclusion) are important to our cast members. Equally important is recognizing those who go further in these areas, which is why we have an online tool called Recognize Now! to provide an easy way for the cast to send thank-you notes and acknowledge the job well done.

DiJon (DJ) Bracy, a member of the cast of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, set out to personally recognize his fellow cast members through Recognize Now! Regularly devoting time each week to writing personalized notes, he began to highlight the actions of his peers and leaders to enlighten anyone and everyone deserving of additional gratitude. As you can imagine, these sincere acknowledgments soon piled up, resulting in more than 10,000 notes. Yes, you read that right … 10,000.

“I always firmly believe in appreciating others in the same way that you want to be appreciated,” DJ said. “It’s important that they notice us … that everyone notices. Know that I notice you. “

DJ is known at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for his thoughtful notes sent to his teammates, leaders and other members of the Walt Disney World Resort cast. So in honor of World Goodness Day, we thought it was time to turn around and acknowledge it!

Since reaching 10K, DJ is now working to further recognize his co-stars. Your advice? Don’t delay.

“If you see someone doing something [great], follow the greatness, ”DJ said.

How will you celebrate World Goodness Day? DJ is a great example of how a simple recognition or compliance can have a big impact. Share some kindness with your friends, family, and neighbors, and if you visit us at Walt Disney World Resort, take a moment to recognize a cast member who does magic for our guests with the new role-playing feature. mobile cast on the My Disney Experience app or share your #CastCompliment on social media.

We love to see that our cast members are recognized for the great experiences and amazing service they offer to guests and others. From here at Walt Disney World to your neighborhood, here we wish you a great World Goodness Day!

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