The ultimate list of stuffers for EPCOT fans!

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World Discovery, World Nature, World Celebration and World Showcase: these are the worlds that make up what is the FAVORITE theme park of some people …EPCOT.


Whether you loved the park in its original 80s form, just dance when you hear Veggie, Fruit, Fruit, know all the words from the Earth spaceship narration, you can’t help but eat and drink along the way by countries. , or are excited about the massive transformation this park is undergoing: there is much to love about EPCOT’s past, present and future. If you’re an EPCOT fan or know one, maybe you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffing (or just a gift) for them. And now we have the final list for you!

Introducing our ULTIMATE list of sausages for EPCOT fans! Whether you want to tell other people that these may or may not be perfect for you, or if you want to pick one up for a loved one, these could be a great addition to any EPCOT fan collection. Let’s dive in!

If you have an annual pass, you can pick up a fun one EPCOT Food & Wine Festival 2021 fee right now for your EPCOT friends and family! The cup includes the only Figment, surrounded by all sorts of delicious, with a colorful Earth spaceship in the background.

It’s so colorful!

If the person you are shopping for is a big fan of the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival, this might be a good choice! The cup is priced at $ 14.99.

Click here to take this cup home!

If you’ve seen all of our DFB YouTube videos about EPCOT, read our posts about this park, and consider yourself an EPCOT expert, you might say you’re “winning” EPCOT. And, it just happens we have a t-shirt for that!

EPCOT winner

If you or your friend / family member is the EPCOT who knows everything and really “wins” every trip to the park, you can get this t-shirt to show off your experience to the world! The design can also be put on a sweatshirt, a sweatshirt and more. Also, you can rate items with this design for 20% DISCOUNT right now if you use the code “HOLIDAYS20”.

🌐Get the “I’m winning EPCOT” t-shirt for 20% with the code HOLIDAY20! 🌐

Food & Wine Festival fans will also enjoy this limited edition Pin of the Enogastronomy Festival! The pin is shaped like a cutting board and has a food design on one side and a festival logo on the other side.

Food and wine pin

Also, how fun is this stand with which the pin is lit ?! You can pick up this pin for $ 15.99.

Get the EPCOT pin here!

If EPCOT snacks are your friends or family, then DFB guide for EPCOT snacks could be a fun stocking stuffer to give them away! (Plus, you can get a 20% discount today just with the code HOLIDAY20 in the box! 🎉)

DFB guide for EPCOT snacks

This digital guide is over 400 pages long delicious content i useful tips to help you make sure you don’t miss any of the must-have EPCOT snacks. The guide will help you access photos, reviews and prices from over 400 snacks at EPCOT, along with information on where to find items and more!


Plus, it’s a digital guide, so you can do it easily take it with you wherever you go! 📲

We also have digital guides for the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival, the EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival and packages with a variety of EPCOT guides included! We also have a GREAT package that includes ALL of our guides.

DFB Everything package

You can get it 20% DISCOUNT any of these guides or packages if you use the code “HOLIDAYS 20” Right Now!

🎄Click here to buy all our guides and packages with a 20% discount with the code HOLIDAY20! 🎄

One of EPCOT’s most famous characters (who has become essentially the park’s mascot) is Figment! Well, if you want to read some unique stories about Figment, you can pick them up The Realms of Disney: Imaginative Graphic Novel!

© Disney | Amazon

The graphic novel gives a touch of steampunk fantasy to the story, revealing the origins of Dreamfinder, Figment and more! The duo explores the realms of the imagination and the mysteries that unfold.

© Disney | Amazon

You can grab the Disney Kingdoms graphic novel: Figment $ 14.99.

Click here to see this graphic novel!

What if you want to represent your love for EPCOT with your clothes? Or do you want to grab a piece of clothing that your EPCOT-loving friend can wear? Well, there is something for that too!

In the DFB store, we have a variety of EPCOT items, including one Great spaceship t-shirt! The t-shirt says “It’s up to us to create the world of tomorrow” and has some fun designs, with a spaceship zooming in on the sky.

T-shirt of the great spaceship

The t-shirt comes in various colors and types, such as a sweatshirt, a sweatshirt, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a tank and more. You can get it 20% discount on the item you choose with this design with the code “VACANCES20”!

Click here to grab the big spaceship t – shirt (and use “HOLIDAYS 20” to get a 20% discount!)

You can also get one a slightly different variation of the t-shirt that says “welcome aboard our large, miraculous spaceship.” (Just close your eyes, say it in your head, and imagine you’re sitting in that slow vehicle passing in front of all those amazing animatronics).

T-shirt of the spaceship Earth

This design also includes a variety of different options! You can get it too 20% discount on the item you choose with this design with the code “VACANCES20”!

Check out this Spaceship Earth t-shirt and get 20% off “HOLIDAYS 20” code here!

You can even Get a mask that matches this design, to show everyone how obsessed you are with ALL things EPCOT (eh, don’t blame you, we’re with you!).

Large spaceship facial mask

The mask comes in a standard size and is very comfortable! You can get it 20% discount on this mask right now with the code “VACANCES20”!

Click here to get the mask with a 20% discount!

One of the newest attractions opening at EPCOT is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. If you know an EPCOT fan who is absolutely in love with this trip and the little chef who stars in it, then the Amazing cute Remy stuffed animal it might be right for them!

American adventure

This incredibly adorable stuffed animal is ready to cook, hug or just hang out at home or in the parks! Who knows, you might become a professional chef with the help of Remy. You can take it home $ 29.99!

Get the Remy stuffed animal here!

You may be very familiar with the purple wall of Magic Kingdom, but EPCOT has its own famous photo wall: the Bubblegum Wall! You’ll find this iconic wall just as you exit the Earth spacecraft.

EPCOT’s iconic Bubblegum wall

But why just admire the wall or take pictures in front of it, when you can WEAR it on your face ?! With the Bubblegum wall mask you can take the fun of this iconic wall with you wherever you go.

Bubblegum wall mask

It will add a serious touch of color to your dress and will always remind you of the EPCOT you love so much (or your friend). He wants to get it 20% discount on this mask? You can use the code “HOLIDAY20”!

Get the Bubblegum wall mask here and get a 20% discount!

Speaking of masks, the DFB store is FULL of EPCOT masks that will warm your retro loving heart. We have masks that will remind you of many of your favorite EPCOT retro logos, included Horizons

DFB retro sky blue mask

The earth

DFB retro green mask

Earth spacecraft

DFB retro orange mask

World of movement

DFB retro blue face mask

… And more!

Retro pink mask

Seriously, it’s the mother load of EPCOT-inspired masks! And all these masks can be yours with a 20% DISCOUNT if you use the code “VACANCES20”!

Click here to see our DFB masks and get a 20% discount with “HOLIDAYS 20”!

Finally, we end our list with The favorite of Figment – a t-shirt inspired by the same purple dragon, sure to make you sing!

Figment’s favorite t-shirt

This is another design that can be used on top of different items such as tanks, sweatshirts and more! All these items can be yours for 20%, just don’t forget to use the code “HOLIDAY20” when shopping.

Make your dreams come true and get the Figment t-shirt here (in addition to using “HOLIDAYS 20” to get a 20% discount!

BONUS! These following items may not be considered exactly as stuffers (as they are probably too large for a medium and are a bit more expensive), but we couldn’t make this list without mentioning them. Right now, you can get one online Lots of amazing prints inspired by EPCOT’s past, present and future!

There are prints for the Imagination pavilion …

© Disney

… EPCOT opening …

© Disney


© Disney

… Maestrom…

© shopDisney

…and much more!

© shopDisney

Each of them has a price $ 39.99, and you can take them home today and transform your home (or office) into a sanctuary for EPCOT (no one judges).

Click here to view these EPCOT posters!

And that’s a look at our stockings for EPCOT fans. We hope this has given you good gift ideas (for you or for others) and also quickly reminds you how IMPRESSIVE EPCOT is.

We look forward to more great Disney gift ideas and let you know what we find!

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What is your favorite trip to EPCOT? Tell us in the comments!

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