A strange menu update and price increases have hit some Disney World restaurants this week

Hello, DFB readers!

The holiday delights have arrived!

As you have seen, the holidays have arrived at Disney World, and we are up to our ears in holiday decorations, merchandise and snacks! But while we’re checking out all the new holiday deals, we are also attentive to the menus of Disney World restaurants because that’s what we do!

And we have some menu updates to share with you this week, so let’s get on with it!

The Hollywood Brown Derby

We haven’t made a secret that we LOVE eating at The Hollywood Brown Derby, so we get a little nervous when we see menu changes there. But this one is not too serious: the Seafood scallops they are now served with glazed pork belly with smoked chipotle, tomato jam, pea towers.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

This is. This is the update. Ugh!

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The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

However, we do have some price increases to report (sorry!) To The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. Here’s what has changed:

  • Prawn cocktail increased from $ 14 a $ 15
  • Hollywood Manhattan increased by $ 16 a $ 17

Prawn cocktail

Again, however, these are the only changes. And yes, we love this salon too!

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Restaurantosaurus has added a children’s option to its menu: grilled chicken strips.


These strips include a bucket and a shovel of sand served with a two-sided selection and a selection of low-fat small milk or small DASANI bottled water. Comply with Disney’s nutrition guidelines for complete meals without substitutions $ 9.49.

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Mr. Paul

There is something strange about the menu of Monsieur Paul, a restaurant that has remained closed since the reopening of Disney World. For a while, the Disney World website had a menu link to Monsieur Paul’s restaurant that actually linked to the La Crêperie de Paris menu. But now, the link leads to Monsieur Paul’s menu, but right now he’s pretty naked. ALL a la carte menu items are gone.

Sr. Paul Entrance

In its place? A single menu called prefix Gastronomic food of the French per $ 175! Here’s what this meal includes:

  • House cocktail and Amuse-bouche – Amuse-bouche served with Monsieur Paul’s cocktail
  • Choice of first course – Beef tail broth with stewed beef, vegetables and black winter truffles covered in puff pastry or heated lobster served cold on vegetables
  • Choice of main course – Red snapper with “flakes” of potato, rosemary sauce or scallops in the style of Bouillabaisse
  • Beaujolais granite – Sorbet de Beaujolais
  • Selection of the third dish – Beef fillet, layered potatoes and Bordeaux or chicken sauce, morel cream sauce, spinach and vegetables
  • Cheese – French artisan cheeses
  • Choice of dessert – Meringue, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet, vanilla whipped cream and raspberry coulis or chocolate almond cake, chocolate cream, hazelnut cookie, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate and cognac sauce

duck breast

Disney World has not announced an official opening date for Monsieur Paul, but we will let you know when we have more details!

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Hangar Bar by Jock Lindsey

In case you missed it, Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar is back, and holiday delights are on the menu. But there are some other updates you may need to know as well:

  • REMOVED: Tampa Bay Brewing Old Elephant IPA

Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar

  • REMOVED: Medjoul Date Bread and Manchego Cheese

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Terralina Made in Italy

There have been many changes to the Terralina Crafted Italian menu. In Appetizers / Starters, here’s what has changed:

  • REMOVED: Mussels with Sausage

Some menu items are also missing from the sandwich section of the menu:

  • REMOVED: Grilled chicken sandwich i Grilled vegetable sandwich

Terralina Made in Italy

But there are some new items in the “From the Garden” and “Pizza on Wood” sections of the menu:

  • ADDED: Spinach with Beetroot – Balsamic vinaigrette of gorgonzola, fennel and honey $ 12
  • ADDED: meatball – Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil for $ 17

Also, the Seasonal panna cotta i Espresso ice cream have been removed from dessert.

Lemon Pannacotta

Finally, a cocktail has been added to the menu: the Paloma is made with Tequila Cimmaron, grapefruit soda and lime for $ 15.

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Downtown market

A starter has been added to the Centertown Market menu – a Roman salad made with parmesan, cucumbers, roasted pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, peppers and croutons for $ 8.99.

Salad in the downtown market

This is the only update here!

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Captain Cook

A nice snack has returned to Captain Cook: It’s the Unicorn dome, which is vanilla confetti dome cake, white chocolate glaze, vanilla butter cream and colorful cone for $ 4.49.

Unicorn dome

We saw it earlier on the island of Kona, and it is VERY BEAUTIFUL!

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We have some price increases to report to Kimonos this week. Here’s what we saw in the Soups and Salads section:

  • Seaweed salad increased from $ 7.95 a $ 9
  • Kimchee salad increased by $ 10.50 a $ 11.50
  • Seasonal green salad increased by $ 7 a $ 8
  • Ika salad increased from $ 8.50 a $ 9.50
  • Tempura Soup Udon increase from $ 12.50 a $ 13.50
  • Miso Soup increased from $ 5.50 a $ 6.50
  • Egg drop soup increased from $ 5.25 a $ 6.25
  • Edamame increased by $ 8 a $ 9
  • Cucumber squid salad increased from $ 9.50 a $ 10.50

Kimono seaweed salad

The Sushi Cuit part of the menu has some new features: Basin ($ 6), eel ($ 8), or ($ 5), prawns ($ 6), pop ($ 6), i Surf Clam ($ 5.50). These are the changes to Raw Sushi Rolls:

  • California Roll increased by $ 8.25 a $ 10
  • Tuna roll increased by $ 7 a $ 9
  • Bagel roll increased from $ 9.50 a $ 11
  • Spicy rainbow roll increased from $ 12.75 a $ 14
  • Dragon Roll increased from $ 16.50 a $ 18
  • Cajun Roll increased by $ 11 a $ 12
  • Jalapeño roll increased from $ 12.50 a $ 14

Drac Roll and Kimonos

The Raw Sushi part of the menu now includes Tuna ($ 7.50), fresh salmon ($ 7), smoked salmon ($ 7), yellowtail ($ 8), grouper ($ 5.50), mackerel ($ 5.25), scallops ($ 9) , squid ($ 9.50), salmon eggs ($ 6), i Shrimp Ama Ebi ($ 8.50).

Kimonos sushi dish

In Appetizers, we see these changes:

  • Tempura dish increased by $ 13.25 a $ 14.25
  • Roasted tuna increased by $ 18 a $ 19
  • Gyoza increased by $ 10.25 a $ 11.25
  • Chicken katsu increased by $ 11 a $ 14

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These are all news we have this week, but stay tuned because we will have more soon!

Do not miss it Cap Disney fun!

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