PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Shrek, Minions and MORE star in the Universal Orlando Holiday Parade!

Happy Holidays from Universal Studios! There is a lot of holiday entertainment coming to Universal Orlando, but one of the highlights is Universal’s Holiday Parade with Macy’s!

Universal’s Holiday Parade with Macy’s. In this parade, you will see it live entertainment i fleet of giant balloons with Lighting characters like the Minions and classic holiday figures. Today we take a look at this year’s parade!

The parade features Macy’s and we saw this gorgeous snowflake float to start the parade!

SO blue

The gang of Shrek decided to come to the parade, including Donkey …

It’s the donkey!

… Shrek and Fiona (plus a few of her friends like Dragon and Pinocchio) …

Shrek and Fiona

… Cat in boots…

This is an elegant cat

… The big bad wolf …

Big bad wolf

… the three blind mice …

Three blind mice

… and the gingerbread man.

Stay away from their rubber buttons

Look how GREAT it is!

The next was the gang of Madagascar. But first, a giant pineapple balloon.

It’s a pineapple

Then King Julia greeted the guests from his chariot.

He likes to move it, move it

The pilot of this balloon looks suspiciously like a penguin.

Who is piloting this ship?

Most of the rest of the Madagascar gang performed in a float.

It’s the whole gang

But these penguins do it again.

We love these penguins!

Next up is the Minions float.

The Minions

They are everywhere!

There is also a Minions balloon …

GRAN Minion

… and the dancers of the Minions.

Minions dancers

This teddy bear balloon is huge.

Teddy bear

These minions are always useless.

There are Minions in this tree!

The performers in the parade wore very cool costumes.

We want this dress

This parade is so much fun!

There was also a giant Nutcracker balloon.

The Nutcracker

Nothing makes a holiday party (or, in this case, a holiday parade) start like a festive float on the Choo Choo train. There is a doll hanging from a balloon swing floating behind her.

Holiday train

There were the iconic Macy’s balloons!


And what is a holiday parade without old Santa Claus?

We know him!

They are not holidays without a bit of SNOAP!

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