REVIEW: Who knew Gingerbread, Churros and M & M’s were doing so well together at Disneyland?

When it comes to churros, it’s no secret that Disneyland knows how to make one delicious!

Churro celebration at Disneyland

We’ve been eating the new holiday churros throughout the resort, including a pink coconut churro, a loaded toffee churro and even a pumpkin spice churro! We come back with ANOTHER churro, and this one, everyone, IS COVERED WITH CANDY!

He Dusty gingerbread churro it is a churro with sweet Gingerbread crumbles, sprayed with Vanilla icing, and finished with Christmas chocolates.

Ginger churro? Well!

This was a delicious churro (and perhaps one of our favorite holiday flavors so far). The taste of gingerbread was enough to make it not overwhelming. That delicious vanilla ice cream gave it a little sweetness.


But take a closer look, because “Christmas chocolates” are M&M! They added a wonderful chocolate crunch to the snack. We will FULLY get this baby back. Because YUM. Who doesn’t want a churro with M & Ms?

Candies with churro? Yes please!

If you want to eat your sweets in a churro, you can grab it at Goofy’s churros cart en Disney Cailfornia Adventure per $ 6.75. Please stay tuned as we will be covering ALL Disneyland holiday snacks!

Do you want to add the iconic Jingle Bell Sipper to your collection? JA BACK TO Disneyland! This is where to find it!

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Are you a churro fan? What is your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments!

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