What’s new in Disney World hotels: holiday decorations and pine trees, a gigantic gingerbread house and a noodle upgrade!

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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

What a week, right? The holidays have officially arrived and we’ve been to TWO out-of-hours parties, one at Disney World and one at Disneyland. And we are eating a lot of holiday snacks and enjoying the holiday atmosphere in the parks and hotels. Speaking of Disney World hotels …

What is happening to hotels lately? Well, let’s find out!

Disney’s Contemporary Resort food updates

Outer edge

There was a leak in the roof near the Outer Rim bar that ended up causing the bar to close temporarily. The area was also cordoned off by guests.

The outer edge is closed

However, the outer edge has reopened to the guests.

See more photos of the leak that temporarily closed the outer edge

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Merchandise Updates

BVG Gifts

We found in Holiday resort pin here for $ 19.99.

Contemporary holiday pin

You can also get one Set of gingerbread house mystery pines per $ 19.99.

Mystery package!

There is an adorable one Contemporary ornament of Mickey and Minnie available, too, for $ 24.99.

So handsome!

We detected a new one Contemporary Dress. Look how adorable that is $ 108! It features a design that looks very contemporary and the monorail.

Contemporary Dress

He Disney Vacation Club Dooney & Bourke Bags they are here! There is one DVC portfolio per $ 268

Dooneys us!

… Ia All DVC.

DVC bags!

The bag is $ 298.

You can’t go wrong with this Disney Christmas gift! – Check it out here

Disney’s Contemporary Resort Other updates

Holiday decorations are on the rise at the Contemporary Resort. It starts to look great at Christmas.

Contemporary Christmas decoration

Outside, you can see how the tree lights up the night!

Very beautiful!

We love to see all the holiday decorations in the hotels.

FINALLY! See Holiday Decorations at EPCOT

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa Other updates

Gingerbread house

He The gingerbread house on the Grand Floridian is open! This huge edible house is ready for guests to visit, and don’t forget to pick up some delicious treats while you’re there!


This year’s house has a special one 50th anniversary theme, so be sure to grab it before the end of the holiday season!

Love it or list it: Disney World’s Massive Gingerbread House opens with a new look

Treasure Hunt

The Grand Floridian now offers a Cart Hunting Holly Jolly!

A fun holiday activity

The goal of the hunt is to find the Mary Poppins penguins.

I found one!

How fun!

Check out the special hunt that returns to the EPCOT Festival Festival

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Merchandise Updates

Screen Holder

He Frozen Set of bath toys is here for $ 24.99!

Frozen bath toys

We found two Resort holiday pins we have seen in some of the other resorts. There is this Pin from the gingerbread collection

Pin from the gingerbread collection

… who gets up to show a holiday scene with Mickey and Minnie!

Mickey and Minnie

We also found one Pinocchio Pinocchio from Holiday BoardWalk.

So festive

These pines are $ 19.99 each.


Disney’s Riviera Resort food updates

The Little Cafe

There’s a bit of construction here and when we asked a cast member, they told us they were “refreshing” the flats.

Some construction work here

We recently visited the Riviera and the walls were gone. Be sure to check out the shiny new floors if you go there!

Disney World took this coffee task a little too literally: read our review here!

Disney’s Riviera Resort merchandise updates

The shop

We found a new one Mickey and Minnie Resort Holiday Pin here.

These pines are so much fun!

The pin is $ 19.99.

Here’s the only reason Disney’s animal kingdom WINS on vacation

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort merchandise updates

Calypso trade

He Holiday resort pin on Caribbean beach Here’s Donald!


This pin is $ 19.99.

Here are ALL the holiday delights that come to Disney World hotels

Disney’s Pop Century Merchandise Updates


We love seeing these pines from the resort. He Pin of the Pop Century Holiday Resort has a vintage Mickey!

So funny!

This pin is too $ 19.99.

This is what you should pack if you visit Disney World next week!

Disney Art of Animation merchandise upgrades

Ink and paint

He Animation Art Holiday Resort Pin tea in Nemo!

Happy holiday!

Like the others, this pin is $ 19.99.

PHOTOS: The FOMO is REAL. You will never believe who showed up at Hollywood studios!

Food updates from Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Tambu Lounge

We recently had a moment of panic Tambu Lounge told us that ‘Ohana’ noodles were not served due to scarcity (then, they were only available in ‘Ohana).

No noodles?

Fortunately, the noodles finally returned to Tambu Lounge, so you can order them again now without having to pre-book a dinner at ‘Ohana.

Here’s an UPDATE on Ohana’s Noodle Shortage at Disney World!

Disney Polynesian Village merchandise upgrades

The much-loved Cookie Packs from the Honolulu Cookie Company they are back! He Mele gift box comes with 6 short cookies that enter 4 flavors Mint Macadamia, Dark Chocolate Mint Macadamia, White Chocolate Ginger Spices, i White chocolate pumpkin per $ 8.50.

Mele gift box

He My little tin can it has 7 cookies of 5 flavors. Macadamia with chocolate chips, macadamia dipped in chocolate, macadamia with mint with dark chocolate, ginger spices with white chocolate and white chocolate pumpkin per $ 11.50.

My little tin can

He Great My royal can comes with 30 short cookies en 18 flavors – including specialties such as Guava, Kona coffee, mango macadamia, dark chocolate coconut, white chocolate Kona coffee and more per $ 34.

Big Mele gift can

We’ve spotted some new patches like this Home For The Holidays Patch

House for the Holidays

… A Glossy Mickey patch


… Ia Stitch patch. Um … why does Stitch vomit a rainbow? Disney, we have questions!


There is also one Set of patches and pins Dole Whip.

Dole Whip patch

We found something new Tropical t-shirts for men with buttons, too. This one has palm trees everywhere.

Feeling insular vibrations

And this light pink shirt is FUN!

Funny t-shirt!

This one makes us feel like we are in Hawaii! These tropical t-shirts are $ 89.50 each.

Very Hawaiian

In addition, there are also some new t-shirts to check out. This one says “All day, every day”With a photo of Cinderella Castle. Same, t-shirt, same.

All day, every day

This is for those who are there Part-time beast.

Part-time beast

There is also one Edna Mode T-shirt


… A It feels good to be home Tee


… A Peter Pan T-shirt

I’m so flying

… A Pinocchio’s T-shirt

It has no strings

… A Single Rider T-shirt

Single rider

… A Toy Story Alien T-Shirt


… and new Walt Disney World T-shirt.

Funny retro design

All t-shirts are $ 24.99 each.

See more photos! Favorite fan cookies are back at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort!

These are all the updates we have for this time, but we’ll be back with more soon, so stay tuned!

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