NEWS: The lawsuit alleges that Disney stole the design of Rise of the Resistance Ride

Disney parks come out regularly with new attractions and experiences for guests.

Rise of the Resistance

With such a large company making so many leaps in the creative technology industry, Disney sometimes encounters legal disputes over creative property and more. Now, Disney has been involved in a lawsuit for a particular system in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!

According to Orlando Sentinel, Louis Alfieri, the creative director of entertainment design firm Raven Sun Creative and former Universal creative, has filed a lawsuit against the Walt Disney Company for a patent for a scroll-themed mechanism..

Rise of the Resistance

Alfieri claims that Disney used its patented design in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance without compensation after presenting the design to the company years earlier. The lawsuit was filed in Orlando District Court last week.

Rise of the Resistance

Alfieri’s technology aligns with the part of the journey where guests fall from the Star Destroyer into an escape capsule toward the end of the attraction. Alfieri’s patent is for “vertically aligned amusement device” where the travel vehicle moves synchronously with a screen to increase the immersion of the guests.

© Raven Sun Creative

According to the demand, Raven Sun Creative submitted a proposal to Walt Disney Imagineering in 2014 for an “Ultra Tower Show Experience” using Alfieri’s technology. The lawsuit alleges that Disney used the technology in Rise of the Resistance, prominently announcing the new technology and taking advantage of the trip’s popularity.

Rise of the Resistance

The lawsuit also states that Raven Sun Creative notified Disney of the patent infringement in March 2020 and that Disney responded in November 2020 that they would continue to operate the trip without compensating the company for the alleged violation.

Rise of the Resistance

An additional response to Disney’s demand has not yet been made public. Stay tuned to DFB for more updates on this lawsuit and other Disney news!

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