REVIEW: The new Disney World smoothie left us confused and broken

We’ve seen a lot of things come back to Disney World this year!

You can meet Mickey again!

The restaurants have reopened, previous shows have returned and there are even modifications to meet and greet characters. But some things haven’t come back yet, like the Cirque du Soleil shows at Disney Springs. The new show, Attracted to life, was scheduled to officially debut in the spring of 2020, but then Disney World closed and the show was suspended. But now, the show is over finally about to be available – The opening night is this Thursday, November 18th! I, a sweet spot in Disney Springs celebrates it with a NEW dessert.

This is the Shake Circus de Vivoli il Gelato a Disney Springs! Has strawberry ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, a waffle cone that is half submerged in white chocolate and has golden shiny powder, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

A lot of things happen here!

In addition, there are Sprays, A Strawberry, Two Lollipops, A Mill, i an umbrella on the top!

This is so much fun!

We thought this was nice, but it was melt quickly, so it didn’t look very pretty!

Melting! Melting!

Also, be aware of the wind if you’re outside, because if you don’t cooperate with it, this could cause some problems in your windmill.

Right now we can’t talk, we are concerned about the structural integrity of our windmill

The combo of the strawberry ice cream and cookies and cream it was great! But at $ 18, we can’t say that everything else included is worth this price.

$ 18 for a smoothie is pretty significant!

The 2 lollipops have plastic on the outside, so you can save them for later … but the sticks are all covered with smoothie, so you should clean them first.

Lollipops floating in the beat

The waffle cone is only partially dipped in white chocolate, so the part that does not have soaked and began to sink into the jolt. Also, the part that was covered in white chocolate was too sweet For us!

We don’t want a soaked con!

This is more of a pleasure we might see loving children as it is so extravagant, but this high price can make parents think about buying it! If you have a limited budget, we do not recommend that you be overwhelmed with this delight. There are better options at Disney World, like the Reindeer Mousse at Hollywood Studios!

So handsome !!

We will save our money next time for some Attracted to life tickets, which are already on sale. Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney food news, reviews, and updates.

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