REVIEW: Where do you stand in this divisive debate about Disneyland Treat?

We’ve been spending time at Disneyland lately, trying all sorts of festive treats.

It’s the holiday season!

We had lots of tasty snacks at the Festa Major, and there were still more options to choose from at the party for the happiest nights. Right now, though, we’ll see a treat that will be available again during the day! Let’s see if these desserts are as delicious as we remember.

You will want to go to Galactic Grill at Tomorrowland of Disneyland Park to try this seasonal delicacy. You can also get other seasonal treats here, such as Mint and mocha frappe and the Specialty burger.

Tomorrowland and Disneyland

Is the Perfect brownie of caramel pecans, which is available for $ 6.99.

Perfect brownie of caramel pecans

This treatment are layers of Devil’s food cake, Chocolate brownie, Pacanes Caramel, i Vanilla whipped cream. Above, you will find it Holiday Sprays, Pieces of Pecan, and a green and red Mickey of white chocolate.

We had this treat in 2019 and we LOVED it! So we were very excited to see him back on the menu this season. But this year, the delight sparked a heated debate: pecans or no pecans? The journalist who tried it is not a big fan of pecans, so he would have preferred the treatment without the nuts. But others who have tried it say so the crunchiness and flavor of the pecans is the perfect balance with the soft cake and cream. So if you like pecans, we think you will be very happy with the caramel toppings of these desserts. Otherwise, maybe try a few different vacation options!

In less divisive news, the brownie layer of the parfait was as wet and chocolate as we remember. I the soaked cake layer was another big hit with everybody! After all, it’s hard not to love the devil’s cake soaked in condensed milk. Head to the Galactic Grill to get yours this holiday season! And follow DFB for more updates on Disneyland’s best festive delights.

Are you a team player or not a team player? Let us know in the comments.

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