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Actor, singer, writer, viral meme maker, producer and Emmy Award winner Cake palmer A creative force. The star is a master of new inventions, captivating the internet with his off-the-cuff antiques. Whether you know it from him Hustler Or you can recognize his voice from hosting the Met Gala red carpet (where he has now created the word viral, “I know it’s not. You’re a stallion! “), Perhaps he has crossed your screen

His many creative projects include a handful of characters and sketches that the actor shares on social media. Longtime fans have seen the personality turn into a one-woman show, Turn up with the tailors, Which recently won the CK Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. Now, she’s taking him Character A new dimension – the written word. A collection of his five recently published short stories, Southern sand insult, Follows the main character Janet on a journey of confidence with the help of four magical wigs. Each new ‘do awakens a changed ego, transforms Janet Lady Miss Jacqueline, Chelsea, Kerry, And Sophie.

To find out the really weird characters, Keke has created a playlist of four exclusive Spotify characters. For the record Keke talks to her to learn more about her inspiration, her song selection and her personal music.

You are an Emmy Award winner, a published writer, star in Jordan Peel’s upcoming film and you have many more projects. Do you have any suggestions for aspiring manufacturers?

My advice is to go for it. When I think Southern sand insult, I literally went to my page, SNL style, for this and made a sketch. I was finally able to create a world. Don’t wait for the platform or situation to come to you. Be willing to go there and set the tune yourself because you never know what it might inspire.

Who or what inspired your intellect and your acting?

Staying under the gun all the time. This is a survival strategy, to be quite honest with you, to avoid awkward moments. Many of my quote-quoting talents, especially when it comes to personality or comedy, are based on survival. “Oh, I don’t know what to do now. Let me be a fool. “This is how I deal with stressful situations and it can be a skill that I can use in a job like entertainment. [TV show] Scream Queens, I have seen many great improv skills from Nisi Nash.

Do you feel that you have incorporated his lessons into your characters?

The thing I picked up the most was how much he believed in himself. Obviously my brain is not going to make improvements like that because it is not possible. However, I saw him and realized that there was a lot of faith going on. And it helped me when it came to my own thing, just to believe that I knew what I was doing. Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid. Be honest. Be true to the scene.

Turning to the playlist, what was the experience of curating these? Can you tell us which song represents each character?

It was a lot of fun. My music range is different from the music I serve myself, so it was exciting to be able to identify with those styles through the characters. I wanted to capture each character’s voice and voice through the song. For Lady Miss Jacqueline and her feminist-but-old-school edge, there are two songs I know best with her: “Criminal” [by Fiona Apple] And “Private dancerBy Tina Turner. Those two anchor the playlist.

“Barbie” Taylor for Chelsea, I would say “Spotless” [by TLC] And “You know oughtaBy Alanis Moriset. Because the thing about Chelsea “Barbie” Taylor is that she’s a queen of culture, so she can give you a minute to Alanis Morrisett and she can give you Blue Control Next. She’s that pop culture chick.

Kerry that more turn up, I-will not-one – **** – type vibe. The two songs that really represent him are: “G4LBy Rihanna And “AloneBy Heart. Again, they are quite diverse. She listens to rock and “G4L” because Rihanna is a pop queen who has jumped into different genres during her time.

Sophie is a romantic, whimsical type of character. The main songs representing it will be “You’ve got a friendBy Carol King And “It’s getting betterBy Cass Elliott, Because he is always trying to be inspired and empowered. He seeks grace and gratitude in every situation.

Speaking of songs that most people represent, do you have a song that captures you, or a personal music?

I always said “One step at a timeBy Jordan Sparks Because I really feel it [sings] “You take one step at a time.” This is such an inspirational song. On the one hand, it’s a cross between and “FireworksBy Katy Perry. And then on the other hand, this is a song of mine that I wrote a few years ago. It was titled “I don’t belong to you“And how I do not belong to other people’s perceptions of me. I am a firm believer that I have the right to change at any time that I want to change, and nothing other than me defines me.

Whether you’re looking for some lady miss empowerment or just want to get inside the cake head, there’s a playlist with your name on it. Now explore the playlists of the four exclusive curated characters

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