Month of Native American Heritage: How a Simple Moment Had a Big Impact on Megan Goheen’s Life

Simple moments can have the biggest impact. A call, a note, a story … could open new doors, create new experiences. For Megan Goheen, who works in merchandising as a wholesale coordinator, reading a news article did just that.

Last year, Megan was reading a news story about a newly formed Enterprise Employee Resource Group (BERG) called NAATV (Native Americans & Allies Together with Vision) that shared more information about what this group had to offer. . At the core of each BERG is a specific dimension of diversity and each BERG is made up of company-wide distributions that have a passion for creating and supporting a place where we all belong, regardless of our background, experiences or identities.

For Megan, this article created that spark, making her feel connected and feel a sense of belonging. So he took a simple step and contacted the author for more information on NAATV.

As a person of indigenous heritage, Megan had not yet connected with many people of similar background at work. And because the group works almost entirely virtually, Megan was able to easily join and connect with other Native Americans and Native Americans and allies remotely.

“It’s been great to meet other people with similar experiences, listen to their stories and connect with allies who also want to learn,” Megan shared.

Megan quickly became an active member and is now part of NAATV’s leadership team that manages accounting and helps with internal communications that connect the company’s cast with indigenous news, content and events.

A unique experience for the group that Megan enjoys and encourages others to join is the Talking Circle. During these monthly events, the cast gathers to listen, learn, and share. As a safe space to connect, these conversations include many allies who want to learn.

And being part of a BERG has helped Megan feel more comfortable with her own identity, which makes her feel more secure defending and supporting inclusion in the workplace.

“NAATV has made me more comfortable with myself and safer to ask questions about inclusion initiatives,” Megan said. “I feel honored and honored every time our BERG has a valued voice for improving inclusion at work.”

November is Native American Homeland Month, in honor of the cultures and contributions of Native and American communities and tribes, and NAATV hosts several exclusive cast events. Megan hopes it will not only be a time for reflection, but also a time to honor the good.

“History and news can be quite heavy at times and it’s important to talk about it, but there’s also so much native joy that it deserves a celebration.”

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