JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot Spotify – has created a new audio division in collaboration with Spotify

Looking to escape to a new world? Go to the bad robot to help you get there. The production company was created by a filmmaker JJ Abrams Such television series have been produced in 2001 and since Alias, Missing, Fringe, People of interest, Castle Rock, Westworld, Lovecraft Country And Lisi’s story; Like a feature film Super 8, Star Wars: The Force Awake, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, And Star Trek, Impossible mission, And Cloverfield Franchise

With the bad robot roll out, fans can get more world-building Bad robot audio, A new section dedicated to developing and producing original scripted and unscripted audio content. What’s more, Bad Robot Audio is being launched in collaboration with Spotify and will be led by a former Audible and Spotify Award winning executive. Christina Choi, Who joins Bad Robot as the head of the podcast

The unparalleled storytelling of the Bad Robot has led to worldwide creative and commercial success across film, television and digital platforms. Now the company will explore new ways of telling stories through audio format. The collaboration comes as Spotify sees unprecedented growth driven by a wave of new content on its audio business platform. This many years of exclusive first look bad robot audio with Spotify gives a showcase for these descriptive nonfiction and fiction podcast productions.

“We at the Spotify family are incredibly honored to welcome the dreamer JJ Abrams and his famous Bad Robot Productions,” he said. Dawn Ostroff, Main content and advertising business officer. “Bad Robot Productions has created some of the most compelling and award-winning content in the world, and we can’t wait to see how their fantasy stories move into the audio space. We’re committed to bringing the world’s most respected and dynamic creators exclusively to Spotify, and we’re thrilled to add the mind-blowing and world-building stories of Bad Robot and JJ Abrams — as well as their dedicated fans আমাদের our wide following. – Extensive catalog of world-class audio talent. “

We have Long believed and committed The number one streaming service for audio possibilities and now for this medium. Our investments in space have enhanced podcasting in the entertainment industry and set up a new outlet for producers like JJ Abrams and Bad Robot Audio to entertain, inspire and inform audiences around the world.

“Podcasts have clearly become a destination for entertainment, education and discovery,” said JJ Abrams, co-CEO of Bad Robot. “Given bad robot jobs in TV, film, games and music, podcasts have long been an obvious topic of conversation within the company. We are thrilled to welcome Christina Choi to lead the way and to collaborate with Dawn and the incredible Spotify team to bring some incredible stories to life.”

Emmy-nominated Choi joins Bad Robot from Audible, where she has served as director of content partnerships under the content acquisition and development division. He manages development partnerships with key production partners and high-profile talents. Prior to Audible, Choi spent seven years at Spotify as a creative development executive and showrunner, and was a key contributor to Spotify’s podcast strategy and growth. As an advocate for diversity, inclusion and ownership, she founded and led Spotify’s Asian Employee Resource Group and helped build it. Spotify sound up, A worldwide podcast incubator program for unprepared voice.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Bad Robot as it expands into the world of podcasting,” Choi said. “The medium allows the creators to enrich their imagination. I am honored to have the opportunity to create this new venture with Katie, JJ, Brian and the Bad Robot team. I’m also looking forward to reuniting with Spotify, where I started my career in podcasting. I hope that through our partnership we will be able to create quality audio content that is meaningful, inclusive and creator-first.

Stay tuned for more announcements from Bad Robot Audio and Spotify.

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