Spotify Now, with Ashnikko, Spoon, Jxdn, El Alfa, and more hitmakers from around the world rebuilding the Holiday Classic – Spotify

An original song by a favorite Dominican artist who helped start the festival Alpha Featured El Cherry Scam Is called “Tree light“The Spanish-language single trademark touches the danceable, high-powered beats that have gained more than 16 million monthly El Alpha listeners on Spotify.” To me, this song is very meaningful because it’s my favorite time of the year, “says El Alpha. For the record. “It simply came to our notice then. I’ve done this track with a number of artists from the Dominican Republic (El Cherry Scom, Kiko the crazy, And Shelow Shaq) Because I want to showcase our culture and make the track a Christmas anthem for Dominicans and Latinos around the world. I always try new things, and I believe in making Christmas deco [a fast-paced musical genre] Just that represents. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. ”

For quiet moments, Montreal-based pianist Alexandra StreliskyIts piano-only service “Silent Night (piano solo)“There’s soothing here.” I chose ‘Silent Night’ because it’s a song of calm, pure, serene feeling, “Alexandra shares.” Whether Christmas makes you happy or sad, we can all use a little extra fluff during the holidays. “The minimalist classical unit is a welcome addition to the holiday cannon.

Korean Kruner Lihi Her touching single “A provides a rich, lively melody.”For you (Holiday Remix)“And the Swedish artist Greed Round the international list with a pop spin on ABBAOf “Happy new year“The former Radar artist The world has been taken by storm, so it is only fitting that the rising star adds its twinkle to the celebration of the end of the year. Reflecting on the experience, he shared, “When I was asked to do a song for the Spotify Singles Holiday Collection, it was important to me that the song would feel like my own. ‘Happy New Year’ was an obvious choice. It’s an incredible song and I’ve always wanted to celebrate ABBA, so things really went well with this track. “

And across the United States, artists pulled all the stops to warm up even the coldest winter days. A true General Z style, singer and rapper Ashnikko Imagine again. “The bellHis iconic genre-bending uses hip-hop and electronic pop sound. The popular actor explained, “I liked it [the song] Because it sounds like a weird little fairy song, and it was the closest thing I could be scared of at Christmas.

Fellow General Z. Jenner Breaker jxdn That alone takes things one step further, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.Happy Holidays, you bastard, ”2021 adds Flair Blink-182 Rock classic. The song speaks to the artist who shared, “Happy Holidays You Bastard” is one of the best Christmas songs of all time. It’s as funny as hell and we should all have the same carefree attitude. “

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