The very clever claustrophobia solution for Disney’s Star Wars hotel

There has been a lot of news about the next one Star Wars Disney World hotel.

A mock-up of Halcyon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We learned more about the food on board, refuted some myths about the hotel rooms and even saw what it is like to enter the hotel. We also found an answer to the question “When REAL are lightsabers on board?” We are now answering another very important question for some guests: What happens if you become claustrophobic during your stay?

The Galactic Star Cruise (AKA Star Wars hotel) is a cruise-like experience in which guests enter the building and then embark on a “launch charge” to the stellar cruise, which is in space.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Concept Art © Disney

Inside the hotel, there are no windows. These have been replaced by screens showing scenes from outer space, including stars, planets, and other spacecraft.

Star Wars Galactic Star Cruise Cabin © Disney

It’s incredibly immersive, and is designed to make guests feel like they are in the space. We can only see one problem with this: some guests may become claustrophobic of not going out on the street and catching fresh air and sunlight.

© Disney

The Starcruiser has a solution to this, though. According to StarWars.com, there is a “climate simulator” on board this ship. Ann Morrow Johnson (executive producer and creative director of this project) said that “It’s a really amazing technology from the world of Star Wars” that “simulates exactly the climate of the planet we’re visiting on your excursion to the coast.” There is a courtyard with “plants collected from other planets where the Halcyon has docked” and “all the sun and moisture you can expect” in Batuu. Johnson said, “We have a small garden out there and a simulated roof that is even capable of simulating the sky.”

Ann Morrow Johnson © Disney

There is basically an outdoor patio in the hotel where guests can go for some fresh air and sunshine. It integrates into the history of the Galactic Starcruiser as a “climate simulator” so you don’t have to break with the dive you’ll find in other parts of the ship.

© Disney

If you get claustrophobic with ease, it may be good to know that there is at least one option if you need some sun during your stay. And remember that Starcruiser guests will also spend some time at Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios, which is another opportunity to stroll outside and get some fresh air.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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