VIDEO: Watch Marvel’s NEW trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

Marvel has treated the fans a lot of new series and movies over the past year and we have been offering you the latest news!

Marvel’s Billboard Hawkeye at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’ve broken down all the episodes of the new series into Disney + com WandaVision, Loki, i The hawk and the winter soldier and we shared our sincere thoughts on all the new movies like Black widow i Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. But, the new Marvel releases in 2021 are not over yet now we have another look at the long-awaited film: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In August, the first trailer for the film was released (and it basically broke the Internet), but now we’re starting to gather more than we can expect from the film thanks to the NEW trailer! You can see it below!

The trailer begins with Spidey reflecting on his grueling life as a superhero and picks up exactly where Spider-Man: away from home left.

© Disney / Marvel

Then, let’s take another look Doc Ock, who seems to stop fighting Spider-Man when he realizes he’s not “his” Peter Parker.

© Disney / Marvel

Dr. Strange explains that after he and Spider-Man mistaken a spell designed to erase people’s memories of Spidey’s identity, visitors from other universes began to come into their world.

© Disney / Marvel

We finally take a right look Green goblin, which is played once again by Willem Dafoe, who played the bad guy in 2002 Spiderman. Spider-Man film.

© Disney / Marvel

Spider-Man seems to be in conflict to send the bad guys to their homeworlds knowing that they will be killed by Spider-Man from his universe. When Doctor Strange tries to send the bad guys home, Peter tries to stop him.

© Disney / Marvel

In a massive confrontation at the Statue of Liberty (which appears to be receiving a makeover with the theme of Captain America), Spider-Man fights Lizard of The amazing spider man, Jamie Foxx’s Electro The Amazing Spider-Man 2, i Sandman de Spiderman 3, that means all previous Spider-Man films are well represented in the new film.

© Disney / Marvel

In a scene that is sure to come The Amazing Spider-Man 2 heart palpitations of fans, Spider-Man must dive to save MJ from a certain fatality, similar to how Andrew Garfield’s Spidey tried (and failed) to save Gwen Stacy.

© Disney / Marvel

Finally, the trailer ends with Dr. Strange says he can’t stop “others” from entering his universe. Worse? More Spider-Man? We still need to know.

© Disney / Marvel

In addition to the trailer, Marvel also released one new movie poster which includes some of the characters we already knew would make an appearance, such as Doctor Strange and Doc Ock.

© Disney

Spider-Man: No Way Home he will meet Peter Parker after he asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell in hopes of making everyone forget that he is Spider-Man. And, from the trailer, it looks like this is going to cause some problems.

© Disney, Marvel, Sony

The movie will be will be released in theaters on December 17th so be sure to bookmark your calendars and get ready for a multiverse adventure! We’ll keep an eye out for more pre-debut previews, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news!

Check out the first trailer for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ HERE!

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