What it will be like to actually enter the Disney Star Wars Hotel

We are learning a lot of new and exciting information about the “hotel” Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, which will arrive at Disney World in March 2022!

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There’s a lot to read when it comes to what this two-night immersive experience will be like, and one of the topics we’re eager to learn more about is when “immersion” really begins.

According to an article written by IGN, the experience begins “from the moment you get to Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.”

Galactic Starcruiser © Disney entrance

Guests are approaching what appears to be an “unpretentious slate gray building,” but the experience has already begun. Once guests leave their luggage, they will be carried through “aisles specifically designed to look like a concrete launch facility,” which will lead them to a launch box. The “windows” of this launch capsule allow guests to watch themselves “unfold in space and dock with the Galactic Starcruiser, known as Halcyon.”

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So it looks like an experience similar to the “space elevator” in space 220 at EPCOT, where you can see yourself take off 220 miles above the Earth’s surface as you head for the space station. of Centaurs!

The space elevator inside the new restaurant!

Once you get to Halcyon and get out of your launch capsule, you’ll feel like you’re “walking towards a real starship just outside the movies,” with views like “windows … showing stars, planets and others soar into the distance “and sounds that include” a soft machine buzz that simulates the sound of starship engines “and” various beeps and snores sound as computers and droids perform their functions “.

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This really sounds like an immersive experience that uses all the senses! We look forward to seeing how the finished product looks when Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser begins its “inaugural journey” on March 1, 2022! Be sure to follow him for the next few weeks and months as we offer you more of the latest news and announcements!

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