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DJ Academic Has spent years covering recent trends in hip-hop, entertainment, and culture and is now known as a faithful voice in space. So when he announced his new Spotify exclusive video podcast, Off the record with DJ Academics, Back in August, he made quick waves – especially with her The first episodeAnd Spotify has already made its way to the charts

Since then, he has published 26 episodes, three per week, each featuring roundtable discussions and exclusive interviews with the most popular artists and personalities in music. He is also bringing his talent Spotify Greenroom, Where fans can catch him in a monthly live audio experience First tonight at 7 PM ET Is a live conversation with iann dior.

For the record Occupy time with Record off Host to hear a bit about his process, transfer to podcasts, and recent moments in hip-hop culture. We also asked about her other streaming podcasts and she named 7 Call her father, Hosted by Alexandra Cooper, whom she calls the “Queen”.

You are notorious for being aware of music, culture and trends. How do you keep up?

I live in this entertainment space. So I get up, I check Instagram, and check out some of the things I’m involved in. And at the time, it didn’t feel like work; It seems so normal. I have heard from many people that if your work is almost your obsession then you are not really working. This is something I have always tried to follow. I try to get rid of something in my life that is not related to what I am obsessed with.

I’m obsessed with rap with hip-hop culture. I know the album is out on Friday. So on Saturday, I’m probably going to get a glimpse of the predictions or assumptions for the week. And I’m constantly going to my sources or talking to my people and once I get that information, I post it on Instagram and let everyone else know. And I’m not looking It’s from a journalist / media perspective but a “Oh Snap, you guys saw it?”

I went to school for organic mathematics. I’m huge in numbers. I like the motto of “sold it and sold it”. So I tweeted it out. And I call it, maybe luck? But many people like to be armed with it. So I’m attached to it because I use it every day as a superfan.

How do you filter out rumors from the truth? What is your opinion about the sensational thing?

I think the hip-hop media has changed, and I think the hip-hop personality has changed nowadays. And I realize that we’re in the age of reposting, regurgitation, little curating these days, but not research. What I did to distinguish between excitement and reality: I’m going to get the truth. So that it earns your respect. It doesn’t take much to build relationships with companies that monitor distribution hubs, and you can get some little reporting that can be extrapolated within a seven-day period. Once you become the source of truth, you will always be written in the story.

With Record off, You have ventured into new media formats like podcasting and live audio in Spotify Greenroom. Why are you excited for these mediums?

Social media has reached a point where people want public discourse. But conversations on Twitter, or even conversations that might be on a platform like Instagram – are not enough. A bunch of Twitter is used backwards, but a lot of the time it doesn’t have context. You don’t fully explain what you are talking about. With this quick exchange, you can’t have really good speech. I think I heard it from someone who might be sympathetic or maybe different from you রাখতে to keep these conversations in audio form, that’s missing from Twitter. We have better lectures, including live audio and of course podcasts.

Why did you want to shift?

I noticed a change when my audience — at the time, they were mostly on YouTube was growing. They didn’t just want to talk: they wanted to be part of the conversation. Most of the time people listen to a podcast because they want to hear their own opinions, say differently, or they want to hear opposing opinions – or they want to hear a speech between the two parties. And I think we’re in a time and place where people are realizing that whether it’s politics or other issues that can be debated, it’s not just two sides. It has a lot of subtlety and comes with a concise speech. And it’s completely new to do in real time, and my audience is ready for it. I give a lot of credit to the streaming services.

Talk for a moment about your skills. . . Drake Certified Lover Boy Has flowed Of the ear Donda. Are you surprised What is your opinion about this release?

Of course not. Nowadays music has become almost like ESPN. And I want to take credit for that; I want to make my own horn a little bit. I am a person who has made numbers as distinctive as the quality of conversation.

Kanye’s album is something that is more timeless. Drake gave a bunch of music for the moment. But I challenge what some people might consider reproducibility. Drake’s album was supposed to have low replay quality and ear punctuality. But as time goes on, even after six weeks, people are playing Drake’s album in a clip that is two, three times more than the ear album.

I think we should acknowledge when an artist is spending his time and when the public wants to relate to him for whatever reason. Nothing against Kanye, but that Drake album? Slap that thing ‘.

What is your favorite thing about making Record off As far as?

Nice thing about Record off It is pushing the boundaries. Us Pilot episode There were two figures that would not normally be interviewed together. So the show can be uncomfortable. It may be a little forbidden. It may not be what you normally see in your barber shop but it will be 100% real. Like we’ll have real conversations about people and things you never thought possible.

Tune in for Record off With DJ Academics, and listen to him live Spotify Greenroom Tonight at 7 PM ETAnd make sure Follow DJ Academy Anytime he goes live to get notifications.

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