Members of the Hong Kong Disneyland cast host the celebration of the return home for the winning medalists

On November 6, members of the cast at Hong Kong Disneyland welcomed many of the winning medalists from Hong Kong at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the 14th National Games and 11th National Games for People with Disabilities. China, along with its special guests. , families and friends. They welcomed the athletes with great support both during a special ceremony and during a parade on Main Street, USA, as one of the most important sports celebrations in the city to recognize the wonderful achievements of the Hong Kong delegation, China this year.

“I’ve been a member of the Dragon Boat team and run at Hong Kong Disneyland for years, and I was thrilled to be invited to join this unique event in life,” Food and Beverage’s Addy Ngo shared. “I had the opportunity to have a close encounter with the athletes and celebrated with them the best result of this year. I am very honored to be a part of this historic celebration back home!”

Michael Moriarty and Hong Kong athletes in front of the castle of magical dreams

“To compete at the highest levels of international sport requires not only great levels of skill, but an incredible amount of determination, spirit, sacrifice and perseverance. The athletes representing Hong Kong have demonstrated all these things as they collapsed. locating themselves and Hong Kong at the forefront, ”said Hong Kong Disneyland Resort CEO Michael Moriarty. “It is our athletes and their teams, regardless of their origin, ability, culture or creed, who have inspired us all. They have become beacons of hope for all generations to consider as an example of how a belief, a passion and hard work can make your dreams come true. “

With the station’s magical dream castle serving as a symbol to inspire hope and courage in the region, the celebration of the return home was an opportunity for Hong Kong athletes and their teams to celebrate their success with the their families and friends. The event highlighted the positive impact that Paralympic and disabled athletes have had on the city’s sporting support to people of all abilities, and was also an opportunity to recognize the undeniable commitment and spirit of the athletes and of their teams to make their own dreams come true. truth.

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