The weird reason everyone was in line for the “Little Mermaid” ride at Disney World

It’s November 18th, which means today is Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s birthday!

For many years Mickey !!!

In honor of the occasion, Disney has celebrated in different ways online and at theme parks, and it’s been great! But there is a celebration that takes place annually in a place you would not expect.

If you’ve been to Disney parks before, you’ve probably heard of hidden Mickeys – they are found in every park, resort, and even at the merchandise! But among the thousands of hidden Mickeys out there, one is clearly the most impressive. And hides in the queue Under the Sea – The Journey of the Little Mermaid.

Under the sea – The journey of the Little Mermaid

What do we mean? First, you will have to walk along the Little Mermaid line until you reach the inside of the tail. Once you’re under the rocky roof, start looking for a shape in the rocks that looks like the top of Mickey Mouse’s head.

Do you see Mickey?

When you look directly at the rock formation, you may not find anything special, and that’s because it’s not … except one day a year. Every year on November 18 (Mickey and Minnie’s birthday), the sun will be in the perfect position to shine through the rocks so that the shadow of a hidden Mickey appears on the ground below. True, the Imagineers did some really awesome math and astronomy to figure out exactly how to make this work!

It didn’t show up today!

Supposedly, we should have been able to spot this hidden mickey once a year today at noon. Unfortunately, it was a pretty overcast day and Mickey didn’t show up. Well, at least we should spend some time in line with other dedicated Disney fans. They even sang “Happy Birthday!”

Hopefully, the stars (and the sun!) Will line up next year and we’ll be able to check that out. Until then, stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news and updates!

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