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It is not surprising that there is a strong demand for podcasts around the world. Intimate Media offers hosts a way to connect directly with the audience about the issues that matter most to them. This format is a particularly impressive way for those whose voices have been under-represented to tell their own stories, on their own terms. In Indonesia, where the podcast community is growing rapidly, Spotify is working with female producers to have a seat on their mic and support on the platform.

Podcasts provide a new outlet for women to share their perspectives on the world As an Indonesian manufacturer Nadhifa Alia Tasana (Also known as Tsana) explains, “Podcasts break with existing boundaries, boundaries and rules in the traditional format, all of which have played a role in suppressing women’s voices for decades. But podcasts are different. These are limitless – the producers can decide when, what and even how long they want to discuss something meaningful to them. “

Tsana’s Spotify exclusive podcast, with 38 million streams Sorry (Which translates to “sorry” in English), is the most streamed single-hosted podcast in the country. Since January 2021, the show has held the number one spot Spotify Indonesia Chart, The host and his podcast, show impressive hold among Indonesian viewers. But Sana’s success does not stop at one show. She has expanded her presence with the teen romance-driven Spotify original podcast. Brushes, canvas and lonely moon (Brush, canvas and lonely moon). The second season of the show recently launched in October 2021.

“Sana’s unique approach and gentle approach to storytelling really resonated with her audience,” he shared. Carl Juzart, Head of Spotify Southeast Asia Studios. “She is paving the way for other female producers to express themselves through podcasts.” Today, we see more female listeners and producers being inspired and exploring their creativity through podcasting. ”

In response to the growing demand for related content featuring powerful female voices, Spotify is excited to announce five new Indonesian-language, female-led Spotify Original and exclusive podcasts now available on the platform.

NKCTHI: Letter from the cloud

This scripted fiction podcast features Indonesian actresses Rachel Amanda Based on led and best-selling books and movies We’ll talk about Today later (NKCTHI). With two new episodes a week, Spotify’s original podcast explores the wonders and challenges of the protagonist’s rise toward femininity.

Similar whispers

Discussion program Similar whispers A Spotify original podcast hosted by three talented singers: Fatin Shidkia, Ghee Indrabari, And Ewenster. Women explore their life experiences, singing passions and perspectives on how to navigate life in the modern world.


Personality Sara Tobing, Tasril slogan, And Hadi Sylvester In this Spotify original podcast, Jenner and Millennium come together to discuss their views on love, life and relationships.

Happy Go Go

Spotify original podcast Happy Go Go Up and forthcoming is hosted by Comedian Mimin And Kimau, The actress has joined Gray Aprilia. The show gives listeners a new perspective on life and well-being.

Cape Mickey with Jebung

Spotify’s exclusive show is hosted by a popular Indonesian singer Jebung. Episodes bring the audience into his world, where he discusses various topics that arouse his interest.

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