New details have been posted about the characters you’ll meet at the Disney World Star Wars Hotel!

Wow, what a weekend, right? We learned a LOT more about the Disney World Star Wars Hotel, also known as Galactic Starcruiser at Destination D23.

The characters you will meet in Halcyon

Not only were we able to see real-world versions of some of the merchandise that will be sold there, but we also learned more about the lightsaber training experience and learned how interactive the experience will be. I we are learning even more about the experience that Starcruiser guests will have. All we can say is WOW.

Part of the experience aboard the Galactic Starcruiser will come with interactions with the ship characters, including its crew. They have a lot of background history that will influence what happens. For beginners, Captain Riyola Keevan He may seem like the kind of leader who prioritizes the safety of his passengers and the ship, but his loyalty lies elsewhere.

It seems that after 30 years working at the Halcyon (where he started as steward), he began to think that the ship could be used for much more. After meeting a certain … ahem … princess turned general … the captain started doing more for the Resistance. His loyalty will be tested on the bridge.

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Things get complicated for the captain when Lieutenant Harman Croy climb the Halcyon. Croy began his career as a data analyst who discovered that “wherever Halcyon landed, a small pocket of Resistance would flourish.” He is now working in the field to find out the truth about Halcyon. He will interview EVERYONE on the boat to find out the truth, and that includes YOU.

© Disney | Star Wars

Astromechanics SK-62O He looks like a funny little droid who can be found forming a row of conga with the kids on the ship because he loves to have fun. But this little droid has some Resistance secrets hidden in his databases.

© Disney | Star Wars

His partner is Cruise Director Lenka Mok, who understands the secrets the droid hides and will do whatever it takes to protect her little friend. Lenka loves work, travel, passengers and fun, but she will have to dig deep into herself to find the strength to do the right thing with her droid. And yes, she will ask you for help.

© Disney | Star Wars

Sammie he may look like a good-natured mechanic, but like many of the other characters you’ll meet, he’s so much more. He comes from Corellia, where he saw first hand what the First Order was doing. He managed to get on board the Halcyon thanks to a little help from someone who wrapped up the ship’s manifesto. He is now heading for the Batuu Resistance.

© Disney | Star Wars

Earlier today, we also took a look at the galactic pop star Subject, who is much more than the diva she seems to be. Yes, he has incredible talent, but he is from Ryloth and “will do whatever it takes to make sure his home world stays free.” So when she acts, you might hear her sing a song about power. Clue – he knows a lot about Coaxium, which could help save his planet. And maybe you can help her.

Gaia and Galactic Starcruiser

Each of these characters will interact with the guests at Halcyon, asking for help and interacting with them. The way you respond to them determines how the story unfolds. This is an in-depth role-playing game than any Star Wars the fan will love it.

We’re covering everything in Destination D23, so don’t go anywhere!

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What do you think of the Galactic Starcruiser so far? Is it worth it or not? Let us know in the comments!

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