Are you going to Disney World for Thanksgiving? Read this!

Passing Thanksgiving to Disney World?


What a most exciting time! If you’re heading to the most magical place on Earth for Turkey Day, you’ll probably have to pack your bags. We are here to help! Let’s take a look at the weather forecast for next week at Disney World.

Weather forecast

According to The Weather Channel, temperatures will cool this week. Last week had nice temperatures but still warm and mild. It could be cold this week!

Magical Kingdom

So, without further ado, we go into the specific forecast and some tips to help you weather the weather during your trip to Disney in late November!

November 22nd

Monday, November 22nd it will start the week with temperatures consistent with what we have been seeing throughout the day. No doubt this week will be cool for central Florida, especially overnight.

© The Weather Channel

Look down! A 49-degree afternoon will welcome us into the week on Monday. 49 degrees! This is very cold for Florida! Make sure you are dressed for this cold when the day starts to cool down.

November 23rd

The next day November 23rd it brings us a COOLER day with a maximum of 62 degrees during the day and keeping it at about 48 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

On Monday we could see some showers, but after that, this week has a LOW rain chance. We should get out of the rain early this week and then be able to stay dry!

November 24th

Wednesday, November 24th, we will see that the temperatures rise a little. Therefore, we will see a low heat of 70 in the hottest part of the day. Your temperature will drop to 55 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

Most of the forecast shows intervals of clouds and sun. With these mild temperatures, we are seeing some BEAUTIFUL days. Keep in mind that this also means cooler nights!

November 25th

For thursday November 25th, we are seeing a day with another small slip of temperatures in the mid 70s and an evening at 59 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

Humidity levels are also getting lower. This week we are seeing mostly 60% and 70% predictions. This may be low for Orlando, but it can still be much higher than you are used to at home! Keep in mind that humidity can make you feel a few degrees warmer than it really is.

November 26th

The week continues with another rise in temperatures during the day and at night November 26th. Friday brings us the warmest temperatures of the week.

© The Weather Channel

Make sure you still wear plenty of sunscreen on a cooler week like this! The Florida sun is intense and you don’t want to get caught up in awkward burns.

November 27th

Saturday, November 27th it brings us temperatures quite similar to those of the previous day. Here, we will see a high of 74 degrees and a low of 60 degrees.

© The Weather Channel

The days get a little shorter, but you should still have plenty of light. Next week, the sunrise should come out around 7 a.m. and set around 6:30 p.m.

November 28th

And we will end the week November 28th with temperatures still warm during the day and a beautiful day of sun and mixed clouds.

© The Weather Channel

This week is one for LAYERS. You are noticing a difference of almost 20 degrees between daytime and nighttime temperatures some days. Make sure you have a warm coat so that it is ready when the temperatures drop.

Summary of the week

Here’s a full overview of the week according to The Weather Channel. Temperatures are expected to fluctuate throughout the week. We are observing a range of highs between 60 and 70 and between 40 and 60.

© The Weather Channel

Other websites like Click Orlando News 6 …

© Click Orlando News 6

… And WESH 2 News have similar forecasts throughout the week.

© WESH 2 News

Now, this forecast is subject to change! Florida has a notoriously changing climate, so keep checking this forecast as you go on your trip and once you arrive.

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Tips to withstand the weather!

So what are our best tips for packing when it comes to this week’s forecast?

CAPES, girl!

Our number one tip for a fall and winter trip to Disney World? Layers! This week brings us warm days and frankly cold nights. This is a recipe for ending up badly dressed for the weather.

Jersey Green Spirit

We don’t want to see you hooked up with short sleeves on a cold night or with heavy pants on a hot day. The trick is to wear a light coat like a jacket, hat or scarf in your bag. That way, you can throw it away to warm up when the temperatures drop.

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Stay healthy!

Disney World can be a surprisingly intense vacation. Not only are you in the sun all day, but you’re also walking THOUSANDS at a time through the theme parks. Your body may not be used to these conditions, so it’s important to take care of yourself!

Remember to re-apply!

Drink plenty of water, take breaks when you need to, and wear this sunscreen (yes, even when it’s a colder day!). A Disney day can be ruined if you find yourself a little dehydrated, burned or sick!

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And this is the forecast for next week! As always, stay tuned to DFB for all the latest Disney updates.

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