PHOTOS: It’s official. Holiday crowds have ARRIVED at Disney World

Holiday celebrations are in full swing at Disney World with party decorations and treats for guests to enjoy.

Holidays in the Magic Kingdom

But with the holidays comes something else …crowds. With Thanksgiving a few days away, we realized that Holiday crowds have definitely arrived in the parks.

This past weekend and today (Monday, the 22nd) we started seeing many more guests at the parks as Thanksgiving approaches. Here’s what we’ve seen and what to keep in mind if you plan to visit the parks during the holiday season.


You may see large crowds near the entrance to the parks, especially when the parks are open during the day. We saw a sizable crowd at Hollywood studios near the entrance.

Crowd entrance

This can vary depending on when you enter the park and which park you visit.

Crowd entrance to the animal kingdom

If you want to enter the parks without a big line, Consider using the early theme park advantage if you are staying at a Disney World resort hotel.. Either consider getting there very early or waiting a little beyond opening time, so you can potentially get over or miss the morning rush.

Crowd entrance

Some of the places where you will find the biggest crowd tests queues for places to grab food or attraction queues. We’ve spotted some especially long queues for popular attractions like Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios …

120 minutes of waiting!

… Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios …


… and other walks. You may even find that Lightning Lanes lines can be longer than you might expect. Be sure to look for those “Enter Here” or “End of Line” signs that cast members usually keep near the end of the lines, so you know where to enter.

Look for these “Sign in here” signs.

You can also see backstage areas used for selected location lines. such as the backstage area used today for the Kilimanjaro Safaris line at Animal Kingdom.

Behind the scenes

As for waiting times, when we checked in around 2:45 pm ET on Monday the 22nd, there was a mixed bag. Some attractions and experiences had little waiting.

Waiting time

Others had waits of 15 to 20 minutes, not too bad.

Waiting time

Some attractions were closer to the center, with a 30-35 minute wait.

Waiting time

But if you want to do some of Disney World’s most popular attractions during the holiday season, be prepared to wait in major queues. When we checked in, several attractions were waiting for an hour …

Waiting time

… Or more.

Waiting time

Very popular attractions like Test Track and Frozen Ever After were closer to 90 or 100 minutes.

Long waits

And Flight of Passage had a 160-minute wait, and Rise of the Resistance led the group with a 195-minute wait.

Longer waits

If you’re heading to the parks during this busy season, think about whether buying a Lightning Lane or a Genie + is something your family wants to do, or whether you can take advantage of things like early entry to the theme park or extended night hours to get -not any. extra time in the parks to do whatever you want.

You will not be alone

However, as we have seen in other working days, there were pockets of spaces where the crowds were not so bad.

Not bad here

If you go to the parks now, you may find pockets of more empty places, which may give you more space to spread out.

Look for those empty spaces

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to crowds is the weather.

Crowd and rain

When it rains at Disney World, it is possible for many guests to go to nearby shops, attractions or restaurants with some kind of cover to escape the weather.

Find cover

You may find large crowds near these areas, so keep that in mind.

Rain can cause some congestion

Although the weather doesn’t necessarily require a lot of rain during your visit, you’ll want to come prepared, as Florida weather can be a little unpredictable!

Time to wait

And be prepared to face larger crowds and rows indoors during bad weather.


During the rain, you may notice that people get thinner in some outdoor places.

The crowds are getting thinner

In fact, at EPCOT, we noticed that the agglomerations have been markedly reduced at some points due to rain.

Things look better

If you come prepared to deal with the rain (also known as wearing these ponchos and umbrellas!), You can take advantage of some shorter tails.

Ready to face the rain?

Overall, our reporters shared that the parks feel much busier now than they did last week.

Incoming crowd

Again, the level of congestion you will find will depend on the park you visit, when you visit, where you spend time in the park, and so on. But overall, as Thanksgiving approaches, be prepared to wait longer in a few queues. for food, goods, and walks; and be prepared to meet more crowds in the parks.


Some things to keep in mind when visiting during the high season:

Time to line up

We’ll be keeping an eye out for more Disney news and updates over the holidays, so stay tuned for the latest updates!

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