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You’ve probably read an article or two about Disney recently.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney has appeared quite a bit in the news, from Disney + news involving Scarlett Johansson to price increases and health and safety changes at Disney World.

Let’s review some of the most important and recent Disney themes!

Cost increases

From annual season ticket prices to holiday events, fireworks parties, merchandise, extended hours, Genie + pay and more, you can probably expect to spend a little more at Disney World now.

Annual subscription

Many Disney World benefits that were previously free are priced or are much less affordable now, such as extended night hours available only to luxury hotel guests. And with the FastPass interrupted and replaced by the Genie +, now previously free services need to be added to the budget.

The biggest price increases we’ve seen at Disney World this year.

Vaccine warrants for cast members

Disney employees, both salaried and non-union, had to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to continue working. But only in the last few days did this mandate come to a halt. This controversial issue has certainly had a trend at Disney.

Animal kingdom mask signage

In addition, hired employees of the Actors ’Equity Association were also to be vaccinated before October 22nd. Disney allowed employees to apply for medical or religious exemptions, and cast members who did not comply would have been removed and changed to the “yes, re-hire” status. Needless to say, this situation is likely to continue to make headlines.

Disney World and union leaders reach an agreement on the vaccination mandate of cast members.

The genius of Disney

The new Disney Genie service was launched on October 19 at Disney World, along with the new Genie + payment services and Individual Attraction Selection (or pay per trip). FastPass + is officially discontinued and will now cost you a free service before.

© Disney

To access Lightning Lanes lanes, or what used to be FastPass lanes, guests must pay. While some people may agree with buying a quick access to the attractions, there has been a lot of discussion about this new Disney service. Even our readers split 50/50 on whether they would buy the Genie +, so it’s still a hot topic.

8 great things to know from the first day of Disney Genie +!

Disney KiteTails

KiteTails, the new daytime star show, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is performed daily at the Discovery River Theater, and each 10-minute performance includes stars from Disney characters along with performers with themes from either. The Lion King o The book of the jungle. Disney’s conceptual art featured a majestic Mufasa towering over a crowd, and the show … wasn’t what most expected.

© Disney

The end result of the show is beautiful and fun, especially for young children, but after the debut it became the subject of many jokes, often accompanied by the label “kitefail”.

Mufasa does not look exactly like conceptual art

The new show has experienced some … technical issues, like when the star Baloo got stuck in a tree. Wow!

Oh no, no Baloo!

Naturally, this has led to many new memes.

A tree is a good place to take a nap

Zazu’s crash on the Discovery River reminded us of that Disney exhaustion at the end of the night.

Poor Zazu

KiteTails IS a beautiful show, just prone to a little nonsense. If you have young children especially, it’s worth doing it at least once.

PHOTOS: Disney World’s KiteTails had a few … kitefails.

Star Wars Hotel

The long-awaited Star Wars hotel, officially known as Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, has been very trendy, not always for good reasons. While the 2-night dive experience looks amazing, there are still many questions about what exactly this includes and the price is STEEP.

Sublight Lounge © Disney

A standard room starts at $ 749 per person, with prices rising depending on the size of the group. A family of four is looking for a total of $ 5,999 for a 2 night stay. And Disney Vacation Club members don’t have an easy break either, with rooms starting at 295 points per person. For reference, you can stay in a Polynesian bungalow for two nights for the same number of points for one person staying at the Star Wars Hotel.

© Disney

However, if you have the income available, this unique experience also includes a narrative in which guests can choose to participate (or not!) And even change the story. Per Star Wars fans, this is an amazing opportunity to get into it Star Wars universe!

Is the Disney World Star Wars Hotel Worth the Price?

These are just some of the ways Disney has been trending lately, and you may have heard of it even more! Keep reading All Ears and let us know what you’ve seen trending.

How much do you have to spend to get all the benefits of Disney World?

Have you seen other Disney fashion themes? Tell us in the comments!

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