7 things you are doing wrong when checking into your Disney World hotel

You might think that checking into your hotel is a fairly straightforward process at Disney World. And for the most part, it can be.

All-Star Music Lobby

You can visit the Resort’s reception to check in and then bring your luggage to your room when you’re ready, like in a regular hotel. But Disney World makes even the most basic experiences special, so there are other options and tricks you can use to make the registration process a more magical (or even less annoying) experience.

Here are seven things you’re doing wrong when you check into a Disney hotel and how to fix them.

The online check-in feature is not used

This is the biggest and probably most obvious mistake that is made in a Disney World hotel. While you can check in at your hotel in person at reception, it is much faster to check in online before you arrive and head straight to your room when you arrive. No need to stop at the front desk!

Check-in at Old Key West

All you have to do is sign in to your My Disney Experience account (on your computer or smartphone) and complete the online registration process. You can do this up to 60 days before arrival.

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On the day of your arrival, you should receive a “Room ready” message on your phone, which means you can go directly to your room. The message will include the room number and a link to the resort map so you know where to go.

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Do not link your MagicBand until you get there

This mistake applies to Disney World vacations in general, as your MagicBand can be the key to the hotel, the park ticket, the credit card and more, all in one. You want to be ready to go on your journey.


To link your MagicBand, go to your My Disney Experience account and sign in. There is an option to “Link to Account” in the menu. Click on it, then choose “Link MagicBand or Card.” It will ask you for the identification code, which you can find inside your MagicBand. Write it down and you’re ready!

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Waiting for your room to be ready

If you arrive at the hotel before your room is ready, do not stay in the lobby waiting for it to be available. This is especially true if you have tickets to the park on check-in day!

Saratoga Springs lobby

Instead, you can leave your luggage with Bell Services and then leave and go to the parks. When you return from a magical day in the parks, you just have to pick up your luggage where you left it. If you wish, you can tip the cast members as a thank you for looking at it for you.

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Spend time in your room if you don’t have a park ticket on the day of entry

What if you don’t have a ticket to the park on the day of entry? Should you wait in the lobby or hang out in your room? We don’t believe it. Go explore the resort a bit!

Polynesian resort

Disney World hotels often have fun activities (such as swimming pools, cart hunts, events, and more), and you can even jump in to visit some of the other hotels on the property using Disney Transpo. It is worth spending some time visiting more Resorts and seeing the different themes and decorations. (In addition, many hotels have delicious dining options.)

Swimming pool at the Boardwalk Inn

Transportation doesn’t usually go between hotels, but you can still go to a park or Disney Springs without a ticket, and then find buses or other transportation to more resorts.

Disney World Bus

Another option is to visit Disney Springs, for which you do not need entry. This center has plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

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Do not make room requests

When you book your Disney World hotel (and even after you arrive), you can make requests for your room. You can request a room with a certain view or other location requests (such as being close to the car park or other means of transport). You can also request extra items such as fans, blankets, pillows, cots, high chairs and even a microwave.

Living room in the Lion King Suite of Disney’s Art of Animation

You will be logged into your My Disney Experience account to make these requests. Here you will also find maintenance requests, in case something breaks or does not work in your room. So make sure you customize your hotel room so that you feel as comfortable as possible during your trip to Disney.

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Do not order snacks and drinks to deliver

In fact, you can order food and drinks to be delivered to your hotel room from a grocery store. We will often receive breakfast foods (such as granola bars or bagels) if we are not planning a hearty breakfast in the parks to save time and money. Disney prices are no joke: if you want groceries during your stay, this is the way to go.

Lobby of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Whatever you ask for, it will arrive at the reception, so you can pick it up just when you arrive (if you go directly to your room) or take it to the hotel room later (if your room is not yet is ready). ).

Port Orleans lobby

Keep in mind that fridge space is quite limited in most Disney World hotels. There’s often only a mini fridge, and between groceries and the inevitable leftovers from a delicious Disney food day, it doesn’t hold up as much as you might think.

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Parking away from your room

If you’re driving to Disney World, you’ll need to pay attention to the location of the parking lot within your resort.

Great Florida

Even if you request a room near the car park, most Disney World hotels are BIG and you can choose a parking space that is very far from your hotel room. Once you arrive, ask for a map so you can see the nearest parking options. Then try to get as close as possible to the hotel room so you don’t have to walk a lot to get to and from the car.

View from the Pop Century room

Within the parks you will have many things to walk; no need to add an extra walk to the car!

Crowd in the parking lot

That’s all for the mistakes you make when checking into your Disney World hotel. Now that you know them (and their solutions), you can have a smoother, more magical stay! Follow AllEars for more tips while planning your Disney vacation.

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Which Disney World hotel do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments.

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